Motor Show 2010 fails to even get into first gear

The motor industry have all but confirmed that there’s no immediate end in sight to the car sales crisis with NEXT year’s British International Motor Show cancelled for the first time since 1939.

The show, was supposed to be held at the Excel Centre in London’s Docklands next summer but has been called off 15 months early as the gloom surrounding the car industry deepens. Bad news for petrolheads and aspiring glamour models everywhere.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have said that car manufacturers were unable to commit to appearing at the event, leaving them no option but to scrap what is the UK’s largest consumer exhibition.

It’s bad news but not the end of the world. However, if this downturn gets any worse and they end up cancelling the Ideal Home Show, the Chelsea Flower Show or any cheese rolling festivals, we’re going to go titting apeshit.


  • magicbeans
    no shiny new cars and skimply clad gals in 2010...what are blokes gonna do!? LOL
  • Anti G.
    Unfortunately the hand-wringing tree-hugging lentilistas will be rubbing their hands in glee, applauding the fact that there'll be no new motors on the roads. What they're too shortsighted to see is the massive loss of employment not just in actual car manufacture but also in attendant industry, and of course lets not forget that no NEW cars means more OLD cars on the road. Last years technology - more pollution. Still, you cant blame them, because they're bears of rather little brain...
  • youtoo
    anti gollum....i know who u really are. Jeramy Clarkson
  • Anti G.
    Oh look, here comes Swampy! Go get a job, and a haircut...
  • pro g.
    anti gollu seems rather vexed...are u vexed little man?
  • Anti G.
    Not that I'd noticed. Do feel free to ask, but do me a favour and have a wash first, eh? Only that stench of unwashed carpet muncher does get a bit overpowering...
  • Honky S.
    2008 Motorshow was my first and had a fantastic time - will be sad if 2010 does not happen. Personally I hate cars, just that I managed to get free tickets from codes posted on HUKD. Got 2 lots and in the end went 2 consecutive weekends as the kids enjoyed it so much! Better than a day out at Alton Towers or Legoland - we had (all free) bumper cars, kids go karting, scalextrix, climbing walls, played tonnes of PS3 + Wii racing games, Tom Tom massive hands (used on red nose day), 6x Peugeot beakers , Ice Lollies, plenty of free drinks, Ford Magic/Dance Show, balloons, keyrings, cars display, trolley £1 tokens, tyre gauges, fridge magnets, fresnel vision sensor (for reversing), loads of bright snap-on wrist bands, massages (Shiatsu + Massuese), shave + trim, shooting footy, recyclable bags, baseball caps, souveneir pens, portrait photo's, iPod shuffle (we won that!). Even discounted we'd spend £200+ on a theme park - this cost a tenner incl travel, (packed lunch) food + drinks!
  • magicbeans
    honky tonk that sounds awesome!!

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