Moss Bros comes out

Moss Bross gay window Moss Bros has announced a national campaign to celebrate same sex weddings. The change in the law happens on March 29th, and applies to England & Wales.

Moss Bros are doing this in association with Attitude magazine, and is the fashion sponsor for the magazine's 'Love & Marriage' special issue.

The tie-in will display an image of Union J band member Jaymi Hensley and his fiancé Olly Marmon wearing looks from the brand's spring collection in the special issue.

The campaign features same-sex couples celebrated in window displays across their 70 branches.

Chief Executive Officer Brian Brick said this: "Moss Bros are proud to welcome all couples in store and help dress them for the most important day of their lives - as we have done for the last eight generations."

Whereas before, they would feature mannequins in suits in their windows, now the company are using actively gay mannequins. Or something. But let's not be too silly about it all, it's a bold statement from the higher end of the High Street.

So well done Moss Bros.

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