Morrisons to price match Lidl and Aldi

morrisons 300x300 Morrisons have gone and announced a brand new price match system and with it, have said that they're going to match the prices found at Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's, and also, Aldi and Lidl.

So with Aldi and Lidl being the cheapest, they'll be mainly matching their prices then?

This new price comparison and points system will see customers being refunded card points and the like, along with getting extra points for selected items and fuel. The price war between the supermarkets is really hotting up, eh?

You'll only be able to get points if you can find the product cheaper elsewhere, and Morrisons chief executive Dalton Philips said: "In May, we announced that we were lowering our prices permanently - now we're launching Match & More the most comprehensive price match and points scheme in the UK."

"Because it price matches the discounters, the Match & More card will provide the ultimate guarantee about Morrisons' value-for-money."

You get the impression that Aldi and Lidl aren't too phased by this announcement from Morrisons, seeing as they're doing a roaring trade and have been partially blamed for all the other retailers' woes.

Morrisons have said that they'll have a database of thousands of comparable items which will be automatically checked, and if a rival have a similar product that is 60p cheaper, then the customer will get 600 points in their account. Once you get 5,000 points, you get a £5 voucher.

Morrisons' scheme kicks off tomorrow and will be in every store in time for Christmas.


  • BS
    So, instead of erm, actually lowering prices, they're going to have a stupid scheme that is complicated and will probably have lots of clauses and restrictions. No thanks, I'll shop at Aldi/Lidl instead. Fake price promise.
  • Alexis
    Are these the same points that Morrisons keep upping so that you need a gazillion to get anything? Back in the day you used to get a £5 voucher every 6 months or so for buying their petrol. Then they changed the rules and it suddenly became about once every 18 months.
  • jaffacake
    Tesco introduced the loyalty clubcard 20 years ago and it was a big success then. Tesco still operate the scheme, it's not working wonders for them any more. Stick to simple low prices, Morrisons!
  • macstiv
    Alexis, you probably buy less fuel then as the period between vouchers has been pretty constant for me and I am using roughly the same literage a week. All the literature points to no catches. The price comparison is done by a world recognised third party and the only 'catch' is you have to spend a minimum £15 for the whole shop. Unlike the larger cap from others. So looks like a win all round, you get to shop with someone who owns its own supply chain and has a lot more selection that the discounters and does all the price checking for you!
  • Mr M.
    So if you go to Morrisons the money you could have saved going to Aldi or Lidl will be converted to points to spend at Morrisons again (at their inflated prices). Or you could just go to Aldi/Lidl and save the money straight away. You are then free to spend the saving on whatever you bloody well like.
  • Matt
    Just got my card, looked at the T&Cs, and what a joke. A real missed opportunity - think I'll bin the card (and that's after just cutting up the miles card too) - why don't they learn??? - all we want is something like Nectar or Tesco.
  • UKoap
    How do you price match a known brand from Morrisons with a popular brand from Lidl/Aldi?

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