More soft toy illnesses from our world gone wrong

Yesterday we wowed you all with a new range of soft toys from Germany, each of which purportedly suffers from some kind of psychological illness. “Pah,” said avid Bitterwallet reader Billy Pilgrim, as he pointed us in the direction of something similar, only darker and more twisted.

It’s a range of plush toys that are based on various killer microbes – Ebola, Anthrax, Typhoid and Mad Cow Disease among others. All nice and furry and cuddly with lovely cute eyes.

There’s tons of other plush ailments in the range if you’re looking to educate and frighten your kids this Christmas – nothing says I love you like a stuffed toy representation of Athlete’s Foot

Screen shot 2010-09-10 at 08.09.50


  • Dave
    I've got an Ulcer.
  • Whisky
    I had Ebola last week. Sure people at work (women) and my wife may have said it was only a cold and the dreaded "manflu" but no I'm afriad they are all wrong, it was Ebola.
  • Alexis
    Typhoid looks the most evil!
  • PaulH
    I cant see AIDs
  • klingelton
    It's in your ass...
  • PaulH
    pissssss...pisssss outta my asssssss
  • Kevin
    These have been available for years from the US, and I think even on Facebook for the last couple.

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