More Royal Wedding 'souvenirs' - pizza, Pez and rings of love

We've provided you with more than enough opportunity to buy Royal Wedding crapola, but there are some gifts that won't adorn the mantlepieces and wheelies bins of the British public. Plenty of brands are looking to the occasion to produce unique, unforgettable spectacles that will endear themselves to the Royal couple of the onlooking British public.

And if they're one-off pieces, the quality is sure to improve, yeah? Nah.

Bitterwallet - royal wedding pizza

Papa John's have produced a Royal Wedding pizza for one lucky customer! "Kate's veil is made from mushrooms and her dress from cheese, while William's morning suit consists of salami and peppers!" Bravo! Ha ha ha. No, not really. It's rubbish.

Bitterwallet - Royal Wedding Pez

Oh dear christ almighty. Whether piddling peddling sweet maestros Pez produced for a charity auction or not, there was no need whatsoever.

At least LoveHoney have the right idea (click for full size image):

Bitterwallet - Royal Wedding ring of love

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Simon


  • Delenn
    That Pez set looks OK. Where do you get it from? Will go nicely with the Wills and Kate condom set. Stay classy Britain.
  • klingelton
    And I would STILL do the pizza kate.
  • james D.
    That would be one hell of a mouthful of olives

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