More complaints against useless PPI policies than ever before

Do you own a psychopathic pig? If you do, you’re probably worried about the havoc it can wreak at a moment’s notice. You’ve probably taken out Psychopathic Pig Insurance to compensate you in the event of an act of extreme porcine rage. It’s better known as PPI.

But some PPI sellers have misled customers in the past and some insurance policies haven’t been worth the paper they were printed on. Hundreds of owners of psychopathic pigs have found themselves faced with repair bills of thousands of pounds as well as disturbing injuries to deal with following a pig tantrum.

There’s another kind of PPI and there’s been mis-selling and all round jiggery-pokery there as well. Of course, we’re talking about Payment Protection Insurance and Which? have been sniffing around that particular fiscal baby for a while, before finally lifting it up and dragging its stinking arse across the garden. Or something.

Since the consumer champion launched a campaign against cack-handed and downright criminal PPI shenanigans, a staggering 83% of those who visited the site went on to make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, just a handful of the 31,000 in total who knocked on the sturdy door of the FOS last year, roaring: “Oi! My pigs has gone ballistic, innit?”

Have you been dicked around when it came to making a claim against a duff PPI policy? And how are your pigs? Tell us.


  • Gus
    When I opened an account with halifax they offered me a credit card. As I have been stung before with this useless insurance I told them that I did not want that crap! The banker argued that If the balance was paild in full every month the service would be free... As expected they started charging me the PPI on the first month. I had to complain and they finally cancelled it and refunded the fee.
  • Pimiliono
    The swines!
  • ppi
    According to the Which? Website - the FOS is dealing with a record number of claims. This is mainly due to the fact that too many complaints are being turned down at the first hurdle by the major banks and lenders.

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