Monopoly:recession edition, and other zeitgeist mods may or may not have seen pictures of the classic Monopoly game board modified for tough economic times. Instead of railroads, there are four troubled automakers, and randomly stamped around the board are angry "EVICTED" and "BANK OWNED" labels.

You get the idea.

So, why not extend the global recession and geopolitical zeitgeist to other popular games? Here are some ideas:

Recession Era Battleship: Hit a patrol boat, and a Somalian pirate will take out your cruisers.

Recession Era Twister: Roll green twice in a row to get onto the playing mat. If the spinner lands on red on your turn, you have to collapse, taking down as many of your mates with you as possible.

Recession Era Yahtzee: Instead of having five dice, you only have one die that you have to roll five times. Any re-rolls have to done in this manner, too. If you manage to roll Yahtzee, the die is locked in the evidence room, everybody loses, and you are indicted by the Yahtzee criminal court on suspicion of accounting fraud. You get bailed out and manage to blow your money on a 5 star hotel spa package, courtesy of HUKD deal hunters.

Game of Life: The banker holds all the "Share the Wealth" cards, and refuses to lend them to any player. Every player except the banker is forced to jam twice as many people pegs into their car to save on gas costs.

Recession Strip Poker: If you win a hand, you can put an article of clothing back on, but it has to come from the box o' Primark crap that was going to the local charity shop. It's also got to have a minimal level of hygiene, and feel a tad bit scratchy.

I'm sure there are plenty of other classic games that could be remade in accordance to the world economy and geopolitics that have slipped my mind. Can you come up with any? Bring it!



  • Mike H.
    Pontoon/Black-Jack - You give all your money to the banker and he loans it out to people who clearly cannot afford to repay it, then when all his investments crash they get bailed out by the government then retire with a nice little chunk of your hard earned tax, then the government demand the retirement fund back but don't really follow it through and sweep it under the mat, then the government put in a massive tax claim for their second houses and anything else they can sneakily claim for like tampons then pretend that the system needs to change once the claims are in and paid and when it's been leaked. The bankers then try and charge you for investing your money and making loads of profit from it. Sounds a bit boring, but apparently, it's dead exciting.
  • Edward
    What's the point?
  • Nobby
    Recession Era Yahtzee: If you cannot afford one die, make a hexagon from card (rummage through your neighbour's bin) and steal a short pencil from Ikea. Write the numbers on the card, then stick the pencil through the centre. Hey Presto. You have a spinner die.

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