Money / sense theory tested by sales of luxury ice

Canada. Not as good as America. Colder, too. And home to idiots, based on their latest export. If you've got millions rolling about in your bank account and simply can't drink, sex, eat, snort or spend your way through any more of it, then why not blow your wads on luxury ice.

No, you're eyes aren't wonky. Glace Luxury Ice Co. are expecting you to part with $8 per 2.5" sphere of ice. Sweet muscular Jesus, I can't believe I just typed that. The ice is made from purified water, sold in individual pouches and shipped in dry ice, and presumably comes with a free bar of stolen Nazi gold for the price, although there's a generous discount if you bulk order 240; you'll only pay a mere $1,440.

The thing is, this stuff will sell like hot cakes (arf) because, as we're all aware, there are plenty of idiotic bastards in the world with more money than God. Damn you all.

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  • Jennifer
    As a Canadian, I felt affronted by your comments about my nation! Then, I did my own digging (i.e., I took 5 seconds and looked at the Glace Ice Co. website) and discovered that this is a US company! This warrants an amendment to the article…and maybe even an apology!
  • Paul S.
    As a Canadian (on my mother's side, at least), I'll give you a big hug. And the company may be American but the ice is produced in Canada. Promise.
  • Reader
    What did you expect? 90% of the stuff on here is factually incorrect, and the remaining 10% is true, but a complete waste of time. If it wasnt for the fact this was linked from HotUKDeals I have a feeling this site wouldnt be around for long.
  • Paul N.
    Key word is export ;) If Canadians can export $8 ice cubes who's laughing?
  • Jennifer
    I hear you! Hey, at least we capitalised on American stupidity and created some Canadian jobs! Go us... By the way, I love this website...
  • jez
    jennifer whats all the fuss aboot? :p
  • SJT
    ooooh jeez, it's all getting a bit stereotypical Canadian aboot here, eh?
  • A.J. Y.
    That's a funny intro. Good article.

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