Money-saving tip of the forever

7 November 2011


[from one of those magazines, via @IndiaKnight]


  • Al
    There's a whole stack of these "top tips" on a tumblr account (including this one). Some truly incredible stuff on there..
  • PokeHerPete
    I imagine most of MSE forum doing that.
  • Dick
    Are things really that bad that you need to get stuff from MSE ...
  • Craig
    Good if you have a problem with sweaty feet
  • Simpleton
    handy for when the washing machine leaks too!
  • Rob
    When I put these on I feel irrationally moody and eat lots of chocolate.
  • Sarah
    The thing is Dick, if I can call you that... Dick... MSE does actually save you money, loads of money... meaning you can actually afford to buy yourself some decent slippers. Dick.

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