Money goes to money - P Diddy flogs huge quantities of scent on shopping channel

P Diddy (aka Sean Johns, aka Puff Daddy, aka Sean Puffy Combs, aka Puffman Pat) clearly doesn’t own enough money, in spite of forging a career from mostly rapping about having loads of it and the acquisition of even more of it.

Puff has this week proved that he’s got no qualms whatsoever about appear on a shopping channel and shamelessly hawking his new scent, the gloriously monikered ‘I Am King’ – although a better title might have been ‘I Am A Cash-Grabbing Twat With A Jimmy Hill Beard On Me.’

Puff is keen to point out that it’s not a celebrity fragrance and that he actually went into the lab and made it himself out of, you know, stuff and that. Like what you make fragrances out of.

It’s a 15-minute opus of self-regarding nonsense, but think twice before knocking the stunt. Before your very eyes, Puff flogs more than $120,000 worth of his bottles of smell. Not bad for a quarter of an hour’s work.


  • The B.
    It's euphamism time: Lab = bog Stuff = piss Punters = idiots
  • DrTrouserPlank
    LMAO, I think you're about right with the euphemisms
  • dados
    never ceases to amaze me the amount of shite the yanks sell & buy,closely followed by the uk chavs of bid up tv or 1 of the other tosser fronted sellers of shite
  • MyusernameusedtobeaFerarri
    What i cant believe is that somebody actually went to the hassle of taping/recording/videoing 16MINUTES of a fucking shopping channel!
  • Yue
    Who is Jimmy Hill? Some pop culture reference from yesteryear?
  • me
    I love bidup tv! late at night when nothing else is on they fuck up so much its hilarious, they make the apprentice people (when they did it) ook like professionals.
  • Mandy B.
    IME it's the Beige-Brigade (older lower middle-class women) who buy lots of shit from those channels. "Chavs" are too busy spending their money on strongbow from the offie.
  • Marty P.
    Marina Hyde was there first and funnier and she is fit
  • bob
    one word. TWAT
  • Stinky P.
    what a total cunt
  • Jack
    Haha I love it when people talk shit
  • How M.
    [...] Money goes to money – P Diddy flogs huge quantities of scent on … [...]
  • Lorna S.
    Must agree with some of the prior comments. Regards, Lorna

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