Mobile phone deal "makes no sense" shock

Yesterday we told you the Government is launching a probe into mobile phone companies, with the chairman of Consumer Focus describing their customer service as "quite shoddy". Woah there Poirot, not so fast with the revelations.

As ever, Bitterwallet is keen to hear your hapless tales of wrongdoing, so thanks to David Parry for flagging up his misadventure with Dialaphone. If you're mad keen for their half-price line rental, read about David's experience and than ask customer services to explain why the deal makes less sense than Lost's third season:

I took out a cashback deal with Dialaphone which appeared to be good, but here’s where they get you; they say 12 months half-price line rental, but you have to send the 6th, 9th and 12th phone bill off. Fair enough I think, but you they don’t want the bill when you receive it. Oh no, that would be too straightforward.

They want it 30 days AFTER you receive it. WHY?? Because you will either get confused and send the wrong bill or just forget to send the right bill in 30 days time. Also, the T+C’s state that the contract has to be active when you make a claim, therefore forcing you to stay with the network for at least another month. Grrrrr!

Ah, the bullshit-baffles-brains approach to "value for money". Just check out the example we found on their website earlier; you can't claim the final rebate of your free line rental until a year and a half after signing the contract. Brilliant. Anymore for anymore? Let us know how you've fared at the hands of your mobile company,


  • decanem
    i had a night mare with carphone warehouse. i called to clarify what i had to do to get the cashback, these were the responses: a. we've run out of forms that you need to fill in, will send when we get them b. yours is a new type of cashback that goes straight to your account, dont need to post bill c. im sorry there is no record of the cashback agreement the 4th time i called the guy just said "right, we need your jan, july, nov bills ( i cant remember exact months). send them to this address" i did it and i got back 3x£50 cheques about 2 weeks later. keep pushing if u have probs!
  • Sam
    what I used to do was p/c the bill, then put it in an envelope with the date to be sent between. It was quite straightforward really. The reason why they do this is cos they hope you will forget. We always got our money. However, Dialaphone are appalling at customer service - there isn't any - just a stupid 24 automated woman called "Rachel" i pissed myself at this one who can't understand you. Waste of time & money.

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