Mobile phone companies now geefully flogging your browsing habits

The Mobile World Congress pow-wow has opened in Barcelona. We were hoping for announcements of revolutionary new handsets and services but we’ve been disappointed so far.

Top on our wishlist was the iHair – basically an iPhone but with real live hair growing out of the back of it. Hair that you can trim and shape and style to your heart’s content. Not a peep about it so far – possibly because we made it up here at BWHQ.

What we got instead was a potential personal data storm. The GSM Association, whose members include 3, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone, have announced that they’ll be pooling data of mobile internet usage and using it to provide “rich planning information for the media and advertising communities.”

Strip away the flowery twat-language and it means they’ll be mercilessly flogging your mobile browsing habits to any advertiser who’s happy to pay for it. But don’t worry – the data will all be “anonymized”

Not sure about you lot, but I can’t remember opting either in or out of being part of such a scheme. As for the results of the data so far – most users head for the homepage of their phone provider, failing that they have a butchers at Google or Facebook. Bloody hell, we could have told them that.

Check back tomorrow for more news on the iHair if we get any.


  • Yas
    hilhairious nat!
  • Joff
    Let them bring it. All mobile users search for is Tera Patrick anyway...
  • Rob
    Theyll just find a few misspelled websites before I couldnt be arsed to try again on mine .
  • -=Mike H.
    They can add my top search, "why are 3, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone so shite?"

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