Mobile more important than murder rate when buying a home

31 July 2014

home_for_sale_ Home buyers - yes some still exist - have different priorities these days when selecting a new home.

Where once it was all about good schools, transport links and a low murdering rate, these days a good mobile signal is now the key requirement.

The survey involved more than 2,000 UK residents and was commissioned by London-based mobile analytics firm RootMetrics.

According to a demented survey that suggests the coincidence of the iPhone turning up just as the property slump kicked in 2008, has made buyers more about technological advances than the safety of their children or whether it's built upon a Hellmouth.

The runners up in this poll were council tax band, and hospitals. Schools were ranked the lowest.

45% of the 18-35s say a good signal at home is more important. But then they would, as barely anyone in the age range can get onto the property ladder, so sitting in their parent's house playing tapes in their bedrooms is as good as it's gonna get.

40% also said they'd change mobile suppliers if their current one wasn't serving them well enough, which I guess if your child is being murdered in a bad school, then the hospital and a good signal ARE the main things you need.


  • Fat H.
    Well if any prospective buyers are on Vodafone, don't worry. It's shit everywhere.
  • BS
    The chances that you'll get murdered are going to be extremely low wherever you are though. More likely to get killed by alcohol, a car or a wasp, probably.

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