Mmmm, delicious special low-fat... water? WTF?

You’re trying to lose weight, right? Eating the right low-calorie foods, exercising well and keeping yourself hydrated with lots of water? Sounds like you’re doing it right.

What’s that - you’re not actually losing any weight? Maybe there’s a problem with the water. You HAVE been drinking the Bio-Synergy Skinny Water haven’t you? No? Ah, well there you go then fatso. That’s your problem.

It’s a ‘low-calorie water, enhanced with a unique combination of ingredients to help support healthy weight loss’  and ‘contains selected essential nutrients, which combine the benefits of hydration with vitamins, minerals, and clinically tested natural ingredients that help support weight management.’

Much better than that other mineral water or tap water, you know, that rubbish with all the lard in it. You’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on some Bio-Synergy Skinny Water. You’d think it would be hawked out by some snake-oil salesman from a small ad in the back of a tawdry magazine wouldn’t you? Or on a badly-designed website, with no contact details other than an email address.

Wrong. It’s Holland & Barrett.



  • wellsie
    they are also jumping on the swine flu band wagon and have a special section for all the scared, stupid consumers out there that believe in diet water
  • Mike H.
    Just tap water then yah?
  • P E.
    ah good old council pop
  • Chris
    Does Peckham spring come to mind???
  • Dave
    While Holland & Barrett is without doubt a completely pointless waste of space, this product is available in all sorts of places, including tesco I think.
  • Amos
    Yeah i have seen this in tesco for a long long time
  • Nobby
    I don't know what tesco is, but you can get it from normal supermarkets like Harrods too.
  • Liverpool96
    Argos sell it by the crate! it aint cheap! id rather buy a water fall!

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