Mmm, it's that refreshing taste of a can of Sars...

Are you in need of a sweet snack to help you get through the day? You could do a lot worse than chomping away on a Fart bar. Maybe you’re parched with an attack of the thirsties? Why not knock back an ice-cold can of Sars or maybe a bottle of Pee Cola?

Perhaps you’re sick of knocking back all that sugar and are trying to lose some weight. Hey, you could do a lot worse than chew on a mouthful of Ayds. Don’t worry it’s a diet bar – ideal for helping you shed some pounds when you’ve eaten too many Golden Gaytime bars.

It’s good news for fans of juvenile sniggering because those dubiously-named products are all really real and have been compiled into a nice list by the wizards at Mental Floss. Seen any others you could add to the line-up while on your travels? Don’t be shy, that’s what the comments box below is for.


  • Bradders
  • Mike H.
    I asked the wife if she'd like a mouthful of Kock, obligingly, she did, and she loved it, I then asked if she would like to wash it down with a shot of Kumm.
  • TeflonMan
    Has anyone, while on holiday, noticed the readily available cans of Vergina beer in Greek supermarkets? Honest! I'm not making it up!
  • P E.
    no, nobody.

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