Missing something? This is why your Amazon order is late

Still waiting on that package from Amazon? Don't worry, we found it. Mind, it'll probably sound like a sack of glass spanners by the time it arrives - which will only happen if there's a power cut, or laughing boy with the camera can be bothered to rescue it:



  • Stewie G.
    Now THAT is entertainment. It almost made me laugh out loud....
  • Ian
  • Nobby
    What do you expect if you order a whole box of Mexican Jumping Beans?
  • Yoda
    So THAT'S what happened to my Ipod!!
  • Nader
    Doesn't really need to be 3 minutes long does it?
  • Guybrush T.
    Man, that box has got rhythm!
  • JoJo
    Wow...thats 3 minutes of my life Im not getting back
  • Howard M.
    4/2 syncopated!
  • the f.
    makes you wonder why the idiot filming it didnt stop it?
  • Richard
    its funny because you expect the novelty to wear off after 5 seconds but it just gets funnier and funnier!
  • Richard
    btw, did anyone else watch the 10 minute remix?! hahaha
  • Mr M.
    I didn't know Amazon sold perpetual motion thingamajigs.
  • DMcG1873
    It's a beatbox, lol.
  • Mo
    OH MY JESUS- that Should of been only 30 seconds long, 3 minutes of the same thing that's 3 minutes i will never get back.
  • Barijohn
    I bet that box has only one wafer thin mint in as well!
  • pete d.
    Did anyone watch the whole thing?
  • domestic&General=shit
  • Gunn
    Good beat, but where are the other packages? I thought Amazon was busy.
  • Puz
    3 minutes of a box flapping, well thats not really entertainment... no wait....
  • Felacio N.
    Fucking fascinating.

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