Minority Report 'Oblong' OS Now Reality

If you saw the movie Minority Report, you probably wondered when futuristic computer interfaces like that would come to real world technological fruition. While no head shaven teenage psychics in tubs of ice cold water are predicting future murders just yet, the Oblong operating system does a pretty good job at mimicking Tom Cruise commanding the computers from mid air instead of a computer keyboard.

Dubbed ’G-speak’, the system is a real world implementation of the movie technology.  Watch the video below and see if you notice any similarities...

Move over, Microsoft Surface.

And if you are thinking 'Holy s*** that really is like the movie!', here's why: One of the founders of Oblong Industries, Inc. served as a science advisor for the Steven Spielburg film, and he based the on-screen version on his earlier work at MIT.

How much will this cost? Will anyone buy this?  No idea.  Unless you have a big collection of blue movies.   One thing we know for sure: they will probably use this in the next U.S. election coverage.



  • Paul S.
    Rubbish. They've already got that in both CSI Miami and New York and it's miles better. Gary Sinise never has to wear stupid gloves, either.
  • Jonathan
    Another 2-4 years and it could be well enough developed for normal use. Pretty cool. :-D

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