Minecraft recreates the UK in, um, Minecraft

minecraft-gratis Welcome to ‘People with too much time on the hands corner’ where these week we discover that someone has made a map of the UK entirely out of Minecraft blocks.

Someone called Ordnance Survey, recreated 224,000 sq km of Britain using 83 billion blocks, with each block representing 25m of actual real life Britain.

The map is available on the site so that people can put their address in and see what their area looks like and witness actual roads and houses and that.

The original Minecraft UK map was created by intern Joseph Braybrook over two weeks in September 2013. Now Mr Braybrook has joined the Ordnance Surveys, he has now updated the map.

Braybrook said that increasing the scale of the map had made it more detailed and given it a "more expansive appearance that is closer to real life."

"I've attempted to re-create Great Britain to be more realistic, while maintaining the gameplay elements people love from the game,"

Ordnance Survey announced that the one-gigabyte map would be made available for download for users to play on. The original version has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

So you can go to your neighbourhood and do whatever it is you do on Minecraft in your actual endz.

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