Look everyone! Instagram for Children!

popjam The company behind Moshi Monsters have invented an 'Instagram for kids'.

Mind Candy have created the new app called PopJam, which will allow the nippers to create art and stories and games and that, and share them with fellow users around the world.

The app is similar to Instagram in that users can follow their friends or other users if they like their creations, and they can also 'like' and comment and draw responses to other creations that pop up in their feed.

As well as all the fun, there'll be stuff from Natalia Vodianova, who will teach about philanthropy and they're also in talks with Jamie Oliver about teaching the kids about food and nutrition.

The Mind Candy man speaketh!: "One of our key learnings from the six years of building Moshi Monsters has been how much kids love to create, share and show-off," said Michael Acton Smith. "We love the idea of empowering kids with digital tools and then seeing what they come up with."

Of course there's the danger that your child could be chatting with a friend who turns out to be an obese 50-something with his underwear around his ankles, but Mind Candy hope they've got that covered, as contributions will be monitored and moderated by a team headed up by Mind Candy's online community expert Rebecca Newton. Children are also discouraged from sharing selfies unless they are disguised with stickers.

Michael again: "Creating a product like this is full of complex challenges but we feel very strongly that without a viable community designed for this younger demographic, kids under 13 will continue using apps designed for over 13 year olds like Instagram, SnapChat and Tumblr,"

"PopJam is a walled garden where kids can be kids."

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