"milk, ciabatta, pie, HIV test..."

tesco-extra Tesco have now started offering HIV tests.

Not, like, willy nilly or anything. You're not going to be leapt on in every branch and demanding a test.

From today, the Tesco Extra in Slough will be offering the service to shoppers, should they decide halfway through deciding what lettuce to buy that they may need an HIV test.

You can get your results within 20 minutes, so basically you can go through what can be the most harrowing wait of your life while clocking up Clubcard points. Handy!

TVPS chief executive Sarah Macadam said: "Testing in supermarkets has only ever been offered as a one-off event and not a regular basis."

"We are extremely pleased that Tesco are so committed to their community’s well-being which is enabling us to bring such an innovation in testing to Slough".

In 2012, 490 people in the UK with HIV died, but they knew they had it. The Terrence Higgins Trust suggests that one of the biggest killers is that a lot more people actually have it, but the stigma of an HIV test may give them the fear.

Although, while we're on about it, can anyone confirm whether Slough is a hotbed of sexual disease?

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  • jim
    i live in slough. yes its pretty grim. nuff said

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