MILFs strip off for various stuff and that

The animal fans at PETA are back with another ad featuring a scantily-clad lady. In the recent past, they’ve tried to bring us around to their way of thinking (whatever that might be) with a host of ads starring hot young models, but this time they’re targeting the MILF-loving crowd with an appearance by Pamela Anderson. Voila.


As you can see, the former Baywatch and sex tape star has had her body divided up as though it’s just a piece of meat, without a brain or personality or feelings. We imagine it’s one in the eye for sexists and animal haters everywhere. Well done PETA.

Meanwhile, Pam’s not the only woman who should probably know better who has stripped off to make a point. Pasty ginger lovely Julianne Moore has also derobed and got butt-ass nekkid for some worthy campaign or other.


No, hang on, it turns out she’s bigging up the cause of handbags by posing with some baby lions. We’re not sure if the bags are made from the lions or if you’re meant to keep the lions in the bag but well done Julianne anyway.

Let’s hope the trend doesn’t spread to the UK and we’re forced to look at a picture of Anne Diamond breast-feedding an ocelot for Oxfam or something.


  • Stewie G.
    ^ you mean the beef curtains??
  • Matt
    ^ Ox tongue?
  • mark M.
    I hate PETA. Can't we all just eat PETA members instead? Imagine how happy pigs and cows would be then; I call it the ultimate sacrifice
  • Stewie G.
    What DOES human meat taste like? Chicken?? I reckon pork.
  • mark M.
    Pamela will be able to tell you; apparently she's tasted a lot
  • Aginoth
    Wouldn't want to eat any breast meat off of Pamela Andersen, it's all silicon.
  • The B.
    Humans taste like pork apparently, hence the expression long pig, it's no surprise that we share 99% of our DNA with pigs is it?
  • The B.
    And no, I don't mean the chaps who dress in blue and fire tasers, I mean sus domestica.
  • will
    how the hell is pam so flexible with ribs across her abs? +1 on hating/eating peta
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    It's a shame they didn't mark the kebab meat.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    PS Vegatarians are just wrong. Humans have eaten meat since before we were even humans. It's what we're designed to do. You wouldn't tell bears or lions to stop eating meat? So why should humans? We are only animals, no different to any others, after all.
  • dunfyboy
    All the veggies I know are happy to wear leather shoes, eat sweets with gelatine in etc. They don't want to kill the animals for meat, just skin the poor bastards and lop their feet off.
  • foxy b.
    Isn't it only around 91% shared DNA with a pig, and 92% with a Kangaroo, and they have two vagina's. I think we also share about 68% with moths as well.
  • foxy b.
    And thinking about it more you share more DNA with a moth (about 68%) than you do with your brother or sister. Unless you are really into sharing DNA with them, some families hey!
  • foxy b.
    Sorry, I said about 68% twice. It's the moth in me coming out. I'll get my coat now.

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