Microsoft's Steve Ballmer, this is your life

When you stumble upon a Youtube video called "The best of Steve Ballmer" there's no other option but to watch it and you'll be glad you did - it's perhaps the most absorbing yet terrifying six minutes of your life.

You have to admit that the Microsoft man isn't afraid of a little self-deprecating humour; having said that, if you don't want to stick a spade through his spine after the first 30 seconds, your will is as capacious as a horse's gut:


  • fat h.
    what an utter (sweaty) loon!!!!!
  • Andy T.
    That..... Was...... Painful
  • Conor
    Much better than one of Apple's keynotes!!! Lmao
  • Stradders
    "stick a spade through his spine" Love it :-D Keep 'em coming...
  • Mongo
    Feck me, am I using an operating sysytem that a loon like that has had a hand in delivering ?
  • Song B.
    LOL at 5min40
  • Mike H.
    When you stumble upon a Youtube video called “The best of Steve Ballmer” you've got to wonder whether you need to reasess your life.
  • Mark J.
    Well, it could be worse, he could be a smug idiot who knows nothing... just like Steve Jobs.
  • The B.
    [...] think the CEO is capable of acting like the crazed mentallist he’s made out to be, watch this first before viewing the video [...]
  • L H.
  • merlin
    Bet Bill Gates is glad he's well out of it now instead of having to deal with this tubby fuckwit everyday.
  • Hawkeye
    So, is this man the bastard child of charles winchester the third? ( the asshole surgeon from mash ) ..seems to fit! "BING" & your job is gone ... not even a chemical sniff if cillit bang.
  • charitynjw
    The Windows Advertising Teams (TWATS)!!!
  • andrew
    30 seconds ???? i was heading to my shed for a digging implement after 10 sec
  • Microsoft B.
    [...] yesterday, with Microsoft cheese Steve Ballmer delivering the opening keynote. A little more sedate than previous stage appearances, Ballmer was sporting a fetching red jumper to compensate, and accompanied by a giant automaton [...]
  • Nokia B.
    [...] The world of consumer mobile got turned on its head and smacked on the arse this morning: Nokia are to partner with Microsoft to produce their next generation of smartphones. That’s Nokia, the company that’s CEO confessed to the company being a “series of misses” that “lacked accountability and leadership”, and Microsoft, who have Steve Ballmer. [...]
  • Web M.
    Nor sure whether microsoft will be able to keep up with the competiton.

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