Microsoft: You're Losing One Week of Your Life TV Surfing you find yourself flicking through TV channels at night, wondering what to watch next, have you ever considered how much time you've just wasted?

Recent research revealed that on average, we are losing one week of our lives each year to channel surfing.

Commissioned by Microsoft, the research revealed that British viewers spend 25% of television time figuring out what to watch.  45% of the 2000 UK viewers polled said that the overwhelming number of programme choices is to blame. 

Microsoft suggests that integrating internet-style search capabilities into digital television would be the solution. Christine Heckart, of Connected TV at Microsoft said:

"With so many digital channels to choose from as well as growing volume of digitally recorded and on-demand content it's not surprising viewers find it difficult to decide what to watch. To get the most out of your TV service you need to be able to find what you want to watch, when you want, quickly and easily. That's why we made search a key feature of Mediaroom, which is used by BT for its BT Vision TV service. Microsoft has been studying and refining TV search with input from consumers around the world for over nine years.”

The ideal search engine would allow one to type in the name of a programme or actor, and find all of the shows meeting that criteria. Over half of all digital viewers surveyed and 69 percent of 16-24 year olds felt that such keyword search capabilities would improve their television viewing experience.  That is, given that the Blue Screen of Death shall not encroach upon our leisurely times.


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