Microsoft to sack loads of people

Windows Microsoft are planning on laying off more of their staff in a bid to cut costs, thanks largely to the fact that people don't want their products and services like they once did.

These cuts will come into play today, in addition to the 18,000, or thereabouts, workers the company said they were giving the boot to, around a year ago.

The job losses will affect those in the hardware section of the business, as well as other parts of Microsoft.

As well as all this, Microsoft have just exited the web display advertising business and sold chunks of the Bing maps unit to Uber. Among the cuts will be the former Nokia staff who are working with Windows phones.

Microsoft are clearly trying to save a lot of money with all these job losses and selling various bits of itself off. There's also going to be a change in income as this summer, they'll be giving away Windows 10 for free, rather than selling it as a programme.

The company are expected to announce results for fiscal year 2015 on July 21st.

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