Microsoft store gets the party started, kills it in its crib

I mean. Fuck me. I'm struggling to find the words. This was filmed in the Microsoft store yesterday. Isn't the idea of potential viral activity that it's good, or is every company pouring over Ryanair's well thumbed encyclopedia of polarising marketing ideas?


  • Mike B.
    Sorry that's a little sad!
  • Ian
    feck me. how long until the staff start dying of heart attacks lol. load of crap.
  • kyalion
    Dorks. Completely and utterley.
  • Tipster
    Mac store rip off! Microshite, honestly!
  • negbobsquarepants
    Is this a scene from Embarrassing Twats: The Movie and what's with that cock jockey that prances in with a McDonalds French Fry box stapled to his forehead 1 minute into the 'performance'?
  • negbobsquarepants
    I'm sure at 1:45 that bloke in the black shirt is taking the opportunity to urinate on a laptop.
  • Emma
    That dance is called the slosh where I come from, usually seen danced by drunk aunties. SADDOS
    What a joke. If I was there, I would breakdanced the fuck out of all them Micro-twats.
  • jiva
    so what does a poor customer have to do to get some service in there? cos they're all too busy trying to get rid of a few lb's. I'm surprised they're not all line danced in to the back office for not meeting sales targets.
  • Calvin H.
    Hope you liked my wee appearance at 0:50.
  • Goots
    That was painful to watch :(
  • Amanda H.
    Cant be bothered to watch it all, Do they really clap for 5 mins? Must have used a choreographer from a care home.
  • Silly
    God this is awful. At least make the dance interesting/funny/decent or anything other than this mindless clapping! Really makes Microsoft look dated and, for lack of a better word, seriously uncool.
  • Nick
    Perhaps Microsoft can make an Xbox 360 advert featuring 600,000-1M Xbox 360 Live banned users to do this little dance, in return paying them compensation for doing such a foolish thing by refixing their consoles back to stock firmware/unbanned.
  • cm
    Instead of using money to try and fix their shit OS, they waste money teaching their staff a dance routine. Nice one..
  • BG
    Nearly as funny as Steve Balmers monkey dance - [email protected]
  • Chris F.
    haha yeah Nick, damn evil microsoft banning people for stealing games, don't they know those things cost money!?!?!?!?!?! twat. also: aside from the girl in green, not the kind of jiggling tits you wanna see.
  • Matt B.
    Glad i'm watching this on a Mac. Unfortunately I will now have to go home and beat my PC with a stick for being associated with this awful migraine inducing clapathon.
  • er...
    cool for about 30 secs...then it just sucks customer: excuse me, could i have some help over here pls M$: STFU im busy dancing 'tards
    I spotted a couple of doable birds in there.
  • Jennifer
    Well, that was well and truly horrific. I was wondering what would inform my nightmares tonight, but no longer...
  • Wibble
    You don't have to be a fat fucker to work for Microshite, but it helps!
  • Amanda H.
    They could have done with a camera man who didnt have parkinsons.
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I have this black eyed peas song saved on my iPhone.
  • James R.
    What complete crap - that'll fly like a lead balloon in the UK
  • BV_
    I bet if Apple did this everyone here would say 'COOOL'
  • Jase
    Wow, that is painful. The entire 4 minutes is just a 20 ish second routine done over and over again. The idea of flash mobbing is to do it somewhere with a lot of public footfall, make it interesting and, most importantly, bringing together diverse individuals (including people you wouldn't expect to be part of the event in a million years). I'm not saying the T-mobile train advert was the best, but it worked because everyone looked like strangers to one another (even if a portion were recruited from like 4 dance schools). This is just a group of multicoloured staff who look like they were forced as part of their job description to learn this lame-ass dance. It is truly boring. ...Gotta agree with the above comments too.
  • KJ
    *sigh* i watched 1 minutes of that, gonna e-mail microsoft to see if i can get that back what a load of poo, if i saw that in a shop i was just walk back out again, poor sods working for MS but then agan, if i got paid what they do then i'd be happy to do that dance.. naked.. not sure if anyone else will be happy though lol
  • Captain B.
    I'm not sure about Black Eyed Peas, but that girl in green looks like she could have a couple of black eyes after that...
  • Amanda H.
    KJ ASL?
  • Mr G.
    degrading to watch, (let alone do) another poor move by microsoft, you'd have to be a dribbling moron to watch this for the full length of the video. Neither funny, nor clever, merely drives me away from being associated with goons such as these & microsoft. ..they must be pretty lonely at night!
  • Bummer b.
    That just made me cut myself with a pair of scissors.
  • Bill B.
    That was brilliant.
  • Brian's U.
    oh my lord, who thought that would be a good idea. Some middle aged fat balding bloke that's who!
  • bobby
    the bird in green is obviously the missing member of girls aloud
  • Bill R.
    Fancy having to work with this bunch of tossers ?.
  • Scott
    Still think if apple did this, everyone would be saying it's cool

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