Microsoft really, really doesn't want you to download IE8

It's as if Microsoft want to kill Internet Explorer 8 in the crib. There's no other explanation for it. First they hire The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story actor Dean Cain to make a ham-fisted stab at taking the piss out of IE8 users, portraying them as vacuous housewives and deviant husbands. Next, Microsoft attempt to lure you into downloading their new browsers with this:

Download IE8 and receive an unreleased track by Nickelback. Really? Is anyone prepared to shovel squitty horse diarrhea into their heads for a new browser? Maybe if Microsoft offer to punch Chad Kroeger in the cock every time it's downloaded, they may be onto a winner. Don't encourage the talentless monkeys, they'll just keep thinking people like it.


  • dave
    Kill IE8 now, if it doesn't come with Windows then people are more likely to use Firefox (or any other browser) which can only be a good thing. How childsih Microsoft are, the EU ask them to offer broswer choice as integrating IE into windows is anti-competitive so they throw their toys out of the pram and remove it all together. Its a rotten company, they hate everyone, Linux for 'pirating' their code, Firefox for making a better browser, apple for everything else - Is anybody out there actually using IE? Why?
  • stefor
    I haven't used it for over 3 years and never looked back.
  • Tom
    IE is a buggy piece of crap
  • Tom
    Firefox FTW
  • Mickey
    It's all about Opera.
  • Tom
    yeah new opera beta seems good
  • oadbyboy
    It is all about choice . Do what you like in a free world . Personally I have not been impressed by the bad feedback on IE8 so will stay with IE7 ; it does what I want . It is all about choice so I will listen to your views but your choice is your choice .
  • goon
    ie8 is fine. all ie have been fine. firefox is the iphone of browsers. only used by tossers who then won't shut up about it. fact
  • pauski
    Well said goon
  • dave
    goon & pauski - you are advocating using browsers that disregard W3C & CSS standards - you must be brainwashed morons.
  • TJ
    Firefox isn't all that, I prefer Safari :)
  • Pure-Klenz
    Goon FTW
  • me
    lol @ goon. I use firefox, simply because I HATE ie8 as it is very slow to load and switch between tabs (I usually have about 10 open at any one time!). Ie 7 was fine but no tab option which im now used to. I have no want to convert the masses to firefox, but it suits me fine as Im sure whatever browser your using must do you. To group all firefox users as 'tossers' then, is as stupid as grouping all those that choose semi skimmed milk over full fat as tossers that want to save the extra 2% fat!
  • ronnie
    ie7, no tab option?.... er, mine has.
  • PC
    I like Nickelback *ducks!*
  • WBRacing
    Well said goon. To my mind all browsers have their positive and negative aspects - I simply use the right tool for the job. There are clearly too so many games console / iphone fanboys out there that blinkered people now want to find something else to harp on about. Yawn.
  • dev
    As some one who does web development - IE7 and lower need to die now - they hold the whole web back. IE8 is better but still - please try something else...
  • The S.
    well' i use chrome so stuff all you newbies
  • no,I'mspartacus
    HEY, what have us semi skimmed milk fans done to be compared with the firefox "tossers"
  • Shark78
    I'm a google chrome convert as well. I have tried safari, ie7 and 8, firefox, and aol vr9 to be honest they all seem very similar I just prefer the simplicity of chrome but then I'm a very simple person
  • Darren
    Definitely Google Chrome ! - Officially the fastest browser.
  • Stu
    Interestingly, HUKD shows the huge problems with IE. Go to the HUKD home page using IE8 and half the time, the Temperature is skewiff and the pictures don't match the headings. I'm not anti M$ or Apple or Linux or anything else for that matter, it just infuriates me because I thought that Microsoft were supposed to be playing the W3C game?
  • chindave
    Microsoft dominate the business market and this has ensured that active X enabled web pages are dominant in business applications, as is its integration with domains. As long as this continues IE will be used. I persona;;y use IE at work, because I have to, and fire fox at home. It is true that IE is pants, and it may slowly die, but not for at least another decade or so, as fire fox is its only real competitor. Google Chrome is too new. Opera is too slow. Safari doesn't support all content and every other browser is a pile of shit. You mark my words!
  • throbbing m.
    I`ve steeled on Chrome as my perfect browser, plug-ins would be nice though!
  • The S.
    Posted by Stu | July 1st, 2009 at 10:19 pm "Interestingly, HUKD shows the huge problems with IE." IE8....Go to my online bank & it's wanked, got to my online broker TDW ( stocks & shares) and it' wanked, go to my library account & it's overall it's wanked
  • dave s.
    dave - with all of that amount of ie bashing coming from you, it's pretty sad that firefox, which is the main competitor to ie after all isn't that much better in being standard compliant as they chose to step a bit to the 'dark side' and use some of the ie's 'standards' to increase compatibility. opera clearly wins in this subject with ff, ie as well as chrome.
  • Jack
    Yes Goon you are very clever. Firefox has to be one of the best, if not the best browser, in my opinion it is the best. Safari, Chrome and Firefox are better than IE (all latest versions of the browsers). Firefox is the best as you start with a base, so if you Goon, hate it being the iPhone of browsers (even though Firefox is free) you can leave it as a basic, safe browser. However you can customize it with new themes, and add-ons which will make browsing easier and more fun. And also Goon it can make it more time consuming if you decide to act like an iPhone dick head moaning about all your addons and how they suck your cock for you (just about) - but thats CHOICE. And BTW, look at the bottom right of the screenshot, you can download the standard version without Nickelcrap.
  • phil
    Im with PC, rock on the Nickelback!
  • The B.
    Someone like Nickelback, my 8 year old nephew, but I'm guessing it's aimed at him. Funny how all people that work in IT must be tossers as none of them use IE and all use Firefox, that goes double for anyone working with web technology, except of course when testing cross browser compatibility.
  • abc
    safari on mac, pc peasants
  • abc
    .....(starts running)
  • Ben
    What a boring load of gits you lot are arguing about which is the best web browser. They all do the same thing. Is there anything that fanboys won't hijack to start forums wars with these days?
  • Dave
    TBH, IE8 is a pile of crap, i prefer IE7. I also use Firefox, not exactly impressed with it, slow to load, hangs when loading some pages so not exactly the perfect browser. I use safari as well and i really like it but yet still has problems. Yes everyone has there own prefernce, and i cant stand firefox Fan boys or microsoft haters. Yeah we get it, dont try and convert people if they dont want to.
  • The S.
    Ben, either contribute something to the thread, or shut the fug-up
  • Inactive
    I,m a luddite, I still use ie6 when I have to, or FF or Opera.
  • David
    I have to use a few browsers. Lots of things don't work with Firefox properly so I need IE. Firefox is good for most stuff. Safari screws up the layout on some of my favourite sites. Chrome was nice but didn't let me access all sites. IE crashes quite a lot since IE7. I think it's great that we have all these browsers competing with each other because that's what makes them better. Your memories are very short. Netscape was the father of Firefox and you paid to use it. It was slow and buggy as hell and without the competition from IE would probably never have evolved at all. Let's keep them competing and one day there'll be a browser for all sites.
  • Jesus
    I refuse to upgrade. Im still using Netscape Navigator 3.
  • Rampant R.
    What's a browser?
  • Gezmond
    What browser should I use to read the other internets?
  • Ben
    Spag, naff off you twat. It's the internet not the fucking G20 conference.
  • Jack
    @abc I could have caught you if it wasn't for your head start!! Another elitist bastard gets away!! :D
  • Tom

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