Microsoft phone scam being run from Indian call centres

Human battery chickens, yesterday

There's a scam goin' on that implicates Microsoft being run from Indian call centres, report the Guardian.

The scam starts with a call which goes through the usual security checks before saying "I'm calling for Microsoft. We've had a report from your internet service provider of serious virus problems from your computer."

Naturally, they then tell you that your computer is going to die or sprout legs and kick you to death or something should the problem go unsolved.

If they've succeed in convincing you to keep talking, you'll be directed to your computer and asked to open a program called "Windows Event Viewer". To the average user, it looks like a troubling and long list of errors, some labelled "critical".

"Yes, that's it," says the caller. "Now let me guide you through the steps to fixing it."

You're then sent to a website and told to download a program that hands over remote control of your computer and the caller "installs" various "fixes" for the problem. Then you need to cough-up £185.

Of course, there's was never anything wrong with your computer (well, unless you count that weird porn you've been looking at) and naturally, the caller does not work for Microsoft. Microsoft aren't in the habit of ringing people up are they? Sadly, anyone falling for this will have handed over every bit of data from their computer.

This scam has been going since 2008 and grew hugely this year. It is being run from call centres based in Kolkata, by teams believed to have access to sales databases from computer and software companies who seem to be using the phonebook to get names to call.

When contacted about the scams, Microsoft said it was "currently investigating a series of instances in which the business practices of an organisation within the Microsoft Partner Network [that] have given rise to significant concerns from a number of sources. We take matters such as these extremely seriously and will take any action that is appropriate once our investigation is complete."

The company has noticed the problem. "Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer," it says on its website. "If you receive an unsolicited call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft Tech Support, hang up. We do not make these kinds of calls."


  • yak
    I've had something along these lines... I eventually hung up with an over excited indian gentleman screaming "YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND, YOU ARE BREAKING THE INTERNET, YOU NEED TO GO CHECK YOUR SETTINGS NOW!!!" Hope it wasnt genuin, maybe it was me that broke Groupola's website
  • Internet T.
    Damn you yak - you owe me a £99 iPhone
  • Roger
    I've just this moment had a phone call from a nice Indian lady called Linda Smith telling me my computer has downloaded somthing and my computer is corrupt, she started to guide me through the steps to repair my computer. Only got as far as please press the windows key, told her that wouldn't help as I'm running Linux, with that she hung up :/ Anyway the number is 07813821921, what gets me is this phone line has only been active for two weeks, it's x directory and still she knew my name...
  • PaulH
    Roger the Dodger
  • tom
    It might be helpful to know what website you're sent to to download the program? I've also had numerous calls like this from indian-accent guys and also a scottish-accent one so maybe it's an international syndicate?
  • Mark
    Not Linda Smith the late Radio 4 comedian, calling from beyond the grave then?
  • Lofty suggests it is ''
  • Zebsy
    I got a call from these last week. I was massively sarcastic and as they kept telling me what to do I kept saying "oh yes, I've done that, honest". Unfortunately they didnt pick up on the sarcasm (lost in translation) so they thought I'd actually done what they'd asked me to do. I was passed on to the technical expert who I assume was going to ask me to visit this dodgy website and allow them to rob me. It was funny for a bit but I eventually got bored and realised I was wasting my own time as well as theirs, so asked them how they make their money, and that I'd been lying all along and hadn't done any of what they'd asked. They then hung up!
  • Michael
    These scum suckers have called us about 20 times now, every call starts "We are calling from Microsoft, your computer has viruses!" The ridiculous thing is that they told my relative "we will not stop calling". I feel some sympathy for anyone who was actually fooled by these degenerates!
  • Richard L.
    Hope they call me just so I can tell them squarely to fuck right off
  • blinky
    Going to have to install and use Windows, feels like i'm missing out on a bit of fun. We don't even get Anyone know where the "Event Viewer" is in Fedora?? Life suck's, we don't even get Jehovah's Witnesses and other god bothers our way anymore ;)
  • MJ
    I've also had this phone call. If you tell them you don't have a computer they get very confused :)
  • maxtweenie
    Of course the 'fixes' that they download are various keyloggers, trojans and any other crap that they can then empty your bank account and hack your emails with. Fucking leeches on society.
  • the f.
    hmmm....another way our brown friends have found to screw us
  • Infidel
    I've had 2 of these, but more worrying Also one that purports to be from sky with a reasonable English accent, I let him ramble on about downloading something onto my box and got bored and told him I don't have sky which I don't.
  • PaganWolf
    i've had them too. They kept telling me there were reports coming from my IP address. So I said sure! You tell me what my IP address is and I'll talk to you. They don't seem to be very computer savvy. It's fun to play with them. Then when they push it tell them you either don't have a computer, don't have internet, or run Linux or Mac.
  • rob
    I've had them. Put it down when I pressed them on who they are and told them I work in IT
  • Helene
    We just received one of these phone calls. It was an Indian woman informing me she was from Microsoft and demanded to speak to my Mum about her computer, I informed her that she was out and enquired to what the call was about. She said that they had been alerted that our IP address was downloading malicious software to a computer with a registered version of Windows that was registered in my Mums name.. I informed her that my Mum doesn't even know how to use a computer and that it would be me she would need to talk too, as she continued I decided that the things she was telling me were not adding up so decided to pass her on to my Fiancé who himself is a web developer and has contacts within Microsoft UK, he decided to have a bit of fun with her and started asking her questions to which surprise surprise she didn't like and of course couldn't answer... Guess what, She hung up on him. The fact is: 1- She had the incorrect contact details in the first place 2- Ive never needed to register a version of Windows ( and my Mum wouldn't have a clue how too) 3- I never download dodgy software 4- I do not have a static IP address so they would not be able to identify my computer as the IP address changes regularly Read more:
  • The B.
    Haven't had one from these guys but was rung by an Indian call centre on Friday telling me that I could have free loft and cavity wall insulation. I asked where they'd got my number from as I was on the TPS and all of a sudden the line went dead, .
  • M. J.
    Had a nice phone call today from some nice Indian accented people from a company with a web address of They were very concerned about the state of my computer and viruses. Being an old f**t, with nothing better to do all day, I kept them talking for over an hour. I told them that I wasn't in a position to log into their website at that moment, and I arranged for them to call back later today. Perhaps I can keep them jabbering away for another hour or so. That would be two hours when they aren't 'helping' others, or themselves. That's the trouble with being an old f**t, retired and with nothing better to do than cause trouble and waste other people's time.
  • L.Walsh
    We've been getting this for weeks now, though on a slightly different line about email and spam. It's driving me mad, though having just read this I'm looking forward to a bit of malicious entertainment next time they ring. If you try to speak to to a supervisor they refuse, they cant give you a company address (though he did quote 'Century Road, Manchester' which doesnt exist! Depending on which scammer you get will depend on how mad you can get them while having a good rant back - I managed 15 minutes yesterday and its great stress relief :-) It won't matter that you tell them to f**k off half of them wont understand. What did worry me though was that he had, and relayed in very poor english my address. My phone number is ex-directory and the number is registeresd with the TPS, only family, close friends, the GP and hospital have the number as I use my mobile number for companiese etc.
  • Andy
    I've also had the call from the nice Indian lady and she was on the phone for over an hour. This was the third time I had been called so they are pretty persistent. I was sceptical but not being particularly computer savvy was starting to be convinced until she directed me to a pop up which allowed access to my computer by a 'Microsoft technician'. Unfortunately they had misspelled the word technecian. I then went off into a bit of a rant about being conned and having my time wasted and it was a little while before I realised I was speaking to a dead line. Good suggestion though to keep them talking as long as possible but not doing anything they ask
  • hoohie
    Thanks to everyone before me who has reported their experience. Mine was much the same. The most tiresome part is trying patiently to understand someone with a horribly mangled accent. Perhaps this is how we should separate bad from good. Let's presume that anyone who speaks English so badly has been inadequately trained, explain the reason, and hang up at once! This might eventually lead to the crooks learning to speak more intelligibly - and therefore, at least, to waste less of our time.
  • Pauline M.
    I had the call yesterday. Unfortunately I did think they were genuine at first as I had been having a few problems. I did go onto the website and pressed the button for the technician to take control and a popup appeared straight away asking for a pin and the caller asked me for money so then I said I would consult with my son-in-law who was IT literate before taking action. After I was very worried having seen the report on the scam so I called my bank and temporarily suspended my internet banking. Does anyone think they would have hacked into my info? Not being very experienced with IT I am quite worried.
  • Sarah F.
    My mum had a call today! Luckily She put them off to call later as I was at her home! He called back and spoke to me! I gave him the run around and told him to call back later! I am glad as I have checked and found this information! I am sure when he calls later he will get a lovely earfull from my irate Father!!!!
  • Leanne
    I've just had one of these calls. Makes me so mad!! Usual garbage - you're computer is downloading lots of viruses, we need to check. Didn't give up when I told him I had anti-virus on my machine and got quite irate back at me when I asked how he knew I had viruses affecting my hard drive as he shouldn't have access to my machine. His accent was so bad I could make out most of what he said to begin with, apart from Microsoft Certified, and when I replied "sorry?" so he could repeat it he just went on with his speech. Was too annoyed to keep him on the phone and as soon as I mentioned that my boyfriend works in IT he didn't want to know anymore. I came from an unknown number too. I am also on TPS so I'd be interested to find out where they got my number. I look forward to the next call so I can give them a piece of my mind!!
  • b e.
    how do these callers know our surnames ! ? we have had the call twice, the first time i actually let them guide me straight to even viewer and they asked for remote access, i then refused. i put the phone down and they rang back 4 times!! i told them to F off ringing and they did not bother again. ...... until the other day, when i logged on event viewer again and started tweaking around, we got a phone call within minutes. i think these people know when wer online and when were tweeeking with varoius settings.
  • John
    Had it this morning. Told the guy to hang on and I'd get the person he needs to talk to. Left the phone on the table. Having been on hold for 5 mins he hung up. Sucker!
  • paul
    an indian guy called me today saying that he was from microsoft and that my pc was running slowly,i knew something wasnt right with him,he seemed to be in a hurry to get me to my pc,he told me to check out when i searched and found it i instantly noticed CONLINE in the web address,he wanted me to download some proram and run it,i said piss off i have a doctors appointment in 20 mins,,,and the idiot replied by saying this.....cant yu get de doctar to com to you home,please rrrun der progrlam.then i hung up...i rang 1471 and the number was witheld,,so glad i didnt fall for it...
  • austin
    most of us are not computer savy.......... I am an IT technician and i have gone through the above comments on technical feedbacks of software supports through remote support. And i would like to add my view as an IT technicians....... on the above comments that most of the people are getting calls to fix up the computer problems remotely from the software companies to fix up the software related issues. well..... i would like to say that they are doing fair enough jobs if they are fixing the software related issues remotely........bcoz most of us are not computer savy......we are not technically sound as far as the software related issues are concerned......bcoz a computer is a device which is running with both the hardware and the software's part....when there is any problem arises as far as the hardware related issues are concerned we go to the hardware engineer's to fix up the problem but when any problem arises as far as the software related issues are concerned we dont no what to do and when any software parts is infected with any kind of viruses like the trojans,Randex, CMJ, Meve, and MrKlunky etc we are not even aware of and eventually it corrupts any of our softwares resulting in decreasing the efficiency of our computer or eventually crash the whole system,though the hardware parts which we r using is extremely fine....then again we have to go to the market and purchase a new computer altogether but if they are fixing the software parts remotely then i believe they are actually saving the computer. I believe many of us having antiviruses protections in our computer for the protection of our computer against the infections and the viruses but it will not be enough for us bcoz as an IT technician i know it will not protect your computer against all kinds of viruses like the deadly viruses for example trojans,randex,cmj this are the deadly viruses which can corrupt your whole system or even crash your computer without your knowledge. SO as a technician i can suggest most of us to go through the computer check-ups to check the health and the performance of our computer as far as both the hardware and the software related issues are concerned in order to run it longer. So according to me if Software companies are making us aware about our computer they are doing a good job in order to save our computer system. But at the same time i would like to advise you that before giving the control of your computer to any one just make sure that he/she will be a microsoft certified technician and he is calling from the right source. Austin (ITT) By austin
  • Tegan
    Hahaha this lady made me so happy. I wish I chatted about more important things like the weather, and what she was going to have for dinner. I would have guessed beef vindaloo. Of course I had not already read anything about this scam, but could tell it was extremely dodgey! When she asked me to turn my computer on, I told her it already was. I then asked how she would know if it was my computer that had a problem, I live with other people and we have a total of 4 laptops in our household. They have dumb responses to everything that leaves you even more confused and cautious. God love these people, if only I could see their actual setup! All I can say is, their monthly phone bill would be HUGE
  • haha
    funny thing is when I revealed that I was a Police Officer he didn't want to answer any of my questions anymore.
  • whut t.
    Similar story, an Indian-sounding lady phoned in from "Microsoft" last Sunday, suggesting they had detected viruses being transmitted from my computer, and could I please switch it on... Okay, no, I had 3 PCs and an Ubuntu VM online at the time, there was nothing else to switch on! :P Plus, I've had to repair dozens of trojan-infected Windows PCs, and the best way to repair it is offline from the network or internet, or in safe mode. An internet connection and too many running services just allows the trojans/viruses to proliferate. Get the necessary AV software and utilities via CD or USB stick from another clean PC. In hindsight, its a shame I didn't keep them on the phone a little longer to get the web-address they were trying to phish me with.. Also, Austin -"bcoz a computer is a device which is running with both the hardware and the software’s part"- IT technician right? You need a Microsoft Certified grammar and spelling checker; and dare I say it, brain. You're an idiot if you're trying to suggest anyone should trust an unknown, unsolicited, caller to remotely dictate how to 'fix' their PC, or worse, take control themselves. Yes, typically, antivirus software is not enough to protect your PC. I would suggest, if you're "not computer savvy", that you would be best off firstly having a licensed copy of Windows, so that you are comfortable installing their critical security patches. Run a decent 'Internet Security' (antivirus + firewall) software like Comodo (free). Configure your modem/router with a least a NAT firewall to partially protect yourself against Internet-based attack. Use a more secure browser like Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, with Adblock plugins. Also, take frequent key document backups on an external hard-drive or CD/DVD. Do some background checks into any software which you are installing. Google it, Educate yourself and be vigilant!!
  • Connie
    I had a call today. An Indian lady who told me they had been receiving large amounts of error reports (which I did send) and told me to go to the computer. At the moment The south eastern half of Australia are being struck by countless super storms and my Internet is on the fritz after yesterdays dual thunderstorms. So I rattled onto her about my internet... I was then transferred to a man who asked me to open run program type In yadda yadda and go to (luckily my Internet didn't work) he said I would have to pay a fee and I said you'll have to ask my mum and dad. I am currently waiting for a call back to give them what for!!!! Pieces of trash get a real job!! I rang my Local IT guy and spoke with his wife who told me slot of their customers have been scammed into recurring payments of 250-300 dollars. I thought something was up but I was having computer problems so I thought they were legit. I'm obviously a dumb blond :P
  • Alan
    This scam has just restarted so please be warned. My 82 year old father received a call today (6th Jan 2011) but fortunately had the sense to end the call and not turn his computer on.
  • suzannewriter
    Just had a call from these guys too - Indian accent, called from a mobile (07990987466), claimed to be from Microsoft Manchester and called Harry, but gave me a London number (02032393430) when I said that I would call them back.
  • John
    I just got one of those phone calls today the guy hung up when I kept asking his name how do they get our phone numbers?
  • Dave
    Had one of these calls last night , someone claiming to be from computech with a bad english accent who knew my name and my home number (obviously as that was how they contacted me), she continued start up your computer to check after giving me some blurb about viruses on ip addresses in the local area. I run a gaming laptop which takes a few minutes to fire up and i'd just got in from work and couldnt be bothered and her accent was so bad i just hung up, but alarm bells were ringing at the time of it being a scam. Now i've just spoken to my IT manager who i sit accross from and he instantly said its a scam , good job you hung up and he found the above website for me. Needless to say just to be on the side of caution i'm running a full system check on my laptop now and have text my parents to make sure they dont get suckered in should they recieve such a call.
    beware of these callers here is an australian number which has been confirmed by POLICE and SCAMWATCH as part of these indian call centre scams, it is 02 80061439, if you recieve a call from this number or they ask you to call back they are scammers wanting ALL your details.. NB be very aware and suspicious of people who get onto blogs like this and say positive things about the service they recieved or that they are happy customers, they are either incredibly stupid to a) hand over control of the computer to someone or b) are part of the scam. Either way their advice is NOT worth listening to. So take my advice this NUMBER IN AUST IS A SCAM< THEY WANT REMOTE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER SO THEY CAN GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY!!! that number again is 02 80061439 Hang up or string them along but NEVER EVER GIVE ANY DETAILS OTHER THAN A FAKE NAME.
  • louise
    so these scams have telephones and landline numbers so why cant they just be found and shut down we have names and telephone numbers 02032867078
  • Paul S.
    Good afternoon. Friend of mine received call and actually gave out IP address, etc etc. Realised was scam and turned of PC (very irate person other end phone) but has released some details to them. What to do next???
  • stuart
    i was cotacted today by a man saying he was from microsoft and there was a problem with my computer he told me to run threw a anti virus for free i started to type in what he told me then started to ask for a 1 of payment of £29 so i need to give him my credit card detail i told him i didnt have 1so he said put the £ in to ! of my freinds acounts and he will call me back this friday i aint paying him nowt but he still is calling back on friday from a with held number im not botherd but im letting you no incase you can catch them yours stuart
  • David
    I wish there was some way to block these calls, they call my parents house two or three times a week!
  • Shaun
    They are still at it today I got a call from the team - poor quality call centre - you can hear all the other agents pushing the exact same lines to many other poor victims - told them they will not get access to my computer remotely unless they are from my maintainer !! got very upset and slamed down the phone.
  • Rocky
    This is about the 6th these disgusting Indian scum have called and every single time I've told them to fuck right off and they never understand
  • Forestwine
    I think I can top all this because I actually had a VOICE come through on my computer! He spoke with an American accent (I'm in the UK) and told me that he was from Hotmail and that I had a virus on my computer! I promptly turned off my computer so I had no opportunity to engage him in any form of communication - shame really because after reading all these posts I think I'll try some of your suggestions!
  • Rippley
    I just got one of these calls... same story on his end of the line. I wasn't sure if it was a scam or not because I did have some problems with my computer and I had just gotten high speed internet service ( I'm in rural Canada) and I wasn't sure if my virus protection was up to snuff. I was busy, so I told him to call me back.( He would not give me a number to call.) After, I checked and his number was unknown so I new I did the right thing. What I find interesting is that he called me by name. The fact that he had my number is no surprise cause we're in the book but... under my spouse's name . This means his source has to have my name and most of our stuff is under my partner's...except the brand new internet service. Also, I never received this call before now. Maybe there's a connection there. On a side note, I was receiving a lot of calls from another scam. I never fell for it and I told them to stop calling. But, the pestering was a problem... until, I told them to hold on a moment , put down the phone, and went about my day. It was fun listening to the faint voice say," hello ...hello..." for a while. I'm not sure when they gave up but they went from calling many times a week to... never. I'm with M Janes. Waist there time if you've got time, cause you may be doing someone a big favour and maybe we can make this a little harder for the scammers. P.S. I don't care for the raciest comments. No group should be judged by the behavior of a few individuals. No matter how unacceptable the behavior may be.
  • shirley
    I've just had the phonecall. Sam with an indian accent, apparently phoning from Microsoft to fix the virus that was corrupting my PC. He guided me to a technical page with lots of errors. When I couldn't delete them I was told the virus had corrupted my delete button. He then got me to go to a 'PC sharing' website called 'team viewer'. He asked for the ID and password - this was when I felt sure it was a scam. If I had given him this he'd have been able to control my pc. I asked for his number to call him back as I wanted to check things out. The number was 0208 1338886. I then found this info, so I now know it is a scam. Thanks everyone for sharing this info.
  • debbie
    had the phone call just an hour ago! gave me the same stuff, computer showing errors, line was really bad and could not hear him that well asked for his no but he was insistant he would phone me back. he did i told him i wanted his number he gave me a number and i hung up. the number was non exsistant cant wait for the next call! will keep him talking!!!
  • norman
    i had a call from PC MASTERS .COM saying that my pc had problems which i had,it was slow and kept crashing,and they new this because when i submitted the problem to microsoft. so i let them sought it out i got charged £85 and i have no problems since plus my pc is a lot faster
  • Mikej
    Roflol; I got my call tonight from Microsoft technical support services. They identified me by name and address and proceeded to inform me that my firewall had been breached, my computer was infected and that I needed to take immediate action to prevent futher damage to my operating system. (Alarm bells ring, because even microsoft doesn't know my name, why would they when I use linux, ubuntu 11.4 for an O/S). I may be a little nerdy, I'm not an IT, but I am somewhat computer savy. Okay, I can feel myself being setup for some kind of scam. So I told him I had a few computers in the house, and asked which operating system was involved. lol After some humming and hawing and a few lengthy pauses, he comes back with Vista. I didn't tell him he guessed wrong, but proceeded to ask what the name of the virus was that had infected my computer ..... his retort, trojan .... lol .... so I replied, sorry, I didn't ask what type of virus, I asked for the name of the virus ...... his next reply was worm ... roflol .... Sorry, turkey, you'll need to be a little more tech savy than that if you're going to con me, you've been wrong on every answer so far, good luck with your next victim. Surprise, surprise, he hung up on me ...... now is that anyway for a member of the microsoft support team to act. lol It's just too bad, that, they do manage to sucker some of the unsuspecting people.
  • Dollyeagle
    Got call twice today. The usual blurb saying he was from Microsoft and my computer was infected. When I asked for the mans name, exact company address and phone no, he asked why I would want it. I said 'so that I can report it because its a scam and you must think I was born yesterday". He said he didnt understand. I repeated it and he then said 'no I will not do that and you can f**k off'. I asked if that was his company policy and he put the phone down.!! About 3 hours later another man rang announcing he was from Microsoft and when I asked him if he was the person who told me to f... off earlier he was so shocked he changed his mind about where he was ringing from and said he was from BT. I said 'go on then tell me my computer is infected". He went silent and I could hear him whispering to someone. I put the phone down.
  • Lana
    I got the same call this afternoon on the home phone by a girl who was speaking so fast I couldnt understand, with an indian accent of course. She then passed me to another person (male) who had slightly better english- his name was 'Justin'. He claimed I had malicious software that is currently being downloaded onto my computer. I said, how do you know this? He said because your name and address has come up - he gave me the first initial and surname of my mother and my address! Surely, this is the name and address that is quoted on our phone books! That was rather suspicious lol. I kept asking "Wait, I dont get it, where are you calling from???!!". He claimed he was calling from Windows Technical Dept from Martin Place, Sydney. Hahah yeah right. What a joke. I played along and after I viewed the apparent 'malicious software' in my events page by running 'eventvwr', I was told to go to and enter in my name and an exclusive 'code' given to me by 'Justin'. Again, I asked 'I'm sorry I still dont understnad, where are you calling from and what is the name of the company you work for?' He repeated (in many different variations) that he was from the windows operating/windows technical support department in Sydney. Surely, I have never heard of such a place I did a simply google search on "windows technical support, martin place sydney' and found other results which proved this was all a scam. Thank god I didn't press 'Continue'. He kept impatiently asking me if I had pressed 'continue' yet!! I just told him to wait while I sussed him out. After figuring it out, I accused him it was all a scam and said I dont care if my computer dies, I dont need his help, so stop wasting my time!!!!!!!!!
  • Richard M.
    06/17/11 Got the same call this afternoon and conversation was almost identical word for word. Hung up on him and he called back, hung up again and he called back a third time, so figured to find out what he was about. He admitted to calling from India and walked me through the eventvwr thing and when he wanted me to turn over remote control to my computer I told him I was terminating the call and not to call back!! Hope Microsoft can find out who and do something about it.
  • Stepandu_Abdullah
    Those cheating bastards never give up, do they ? If they can fleece somebody, what would stop them ? Perhaps international scam police! These scammers will even stick a mobile phone up their arses to try and fool everyone that they are legal, when they are not. Their private parts need updating.
  • P...d o.
    I have just been contacted for about the 8th time. I could hear people talking in the background. It wasn't in English, despite being told they were based in Wellington. I pretended to go along with what was being asked & got to speak to 3 different people. The last one was named Steve Austin... I said that was a strange name for an Indian. When I hung up after I told him to P... off and that it was a scam I received a second phone call from the superviser telling me off for using disgusting language and to P... off myself. How do you get these calls to stop????
  • Piers
    I received a phone call on Saturday 25th June 2010 from a foreign speaking male who was hard to understand. He knew my name and address and obviosly my telephone number and told me i need to fix my computer or it would die. At first I thought it was from Netgear who i use so i continued with the call as they are always very helpful. Before i knew it he had control of my system and had downloaded CCleaner and Mcafee. Alarm bells should have rung when he asked me how old i was. He then proceded to ask me to fill out a form. When i noticed he wanted money from me i told him to get lost and then was in a fight to control the mouse. I ended up hitting the on off buttom and got rid of him. He then phoned 18 times and left no messages until my wife answered the phoned, and in her very broad Dublin accent told him politly where to go. I am now concerned in that short period of time what he has managed to do to my system. Help
  • Piers
    I received a phone call on Saturday 25th June 2010 from a foreign speaking male who was hard to understand. He knew my name and address and obviosly my telephone number and told me i need to fix my computer or it would die. At first I thought it was from Netgear who i use so i continued with the call as they are always very helpful. Before i knew it he had control of my system and had downloaded CCleaner and Mcafee. Alarm bells should have rung when he asked me how old i was. He then proceded to ask me to fill out a form. When i noticed he wanted money from me i told him to get lost and then we were in a fight to control the mouse. I ended up hitting the on off buttom and got rid of him. He then phoned 18 times and left no messages until my wife answered the phone, and in her very broad Dublin accent told him politly where to go. I am now concerned in that short period of time what he has managed to do to my system. Help
  • a u.
    The website I was sent to was WWW.SUPPORT.ME but didnt go any further than the first page. Asks you to enter a code he gives but thats about when I hung up after 15 mins of this guy trying to convince me my machine was going to crash
  • Ken T.
    29/06/2011 They are still at it. I had an asian t#*t ring and said he was from microsoft, if you listen you can hear yourself talking to them. I asked him where are you calling from several times he then said "Birmingham". I had recently had a problem with my computer and had microsoft check it out. They sent a message back no problem found. I asked the caller another question and he put the phone down I did'nt get the chance too offer sex and travel. Remember microsoft do not contact you.
  • Wal
    Had a scam phone call from someone claiming they were from a Microsoft affiliate company, all the usual crap computer infected etc etc, I kept asking and asking and asking him how he had obtained my phone number, eventually he asked me if I was mad I said I was and pressed the mute button on my phone for about 10 seconds, then told him I was the manager of an insane asylum and could he hold for one of the Doctors, I then pressed the mute button and walked away from the phone and left it for about 40 minutes, when I went back he was still there, the air was blue he called me every name under the sun because I had muted my phone the line remained open and he couldnt dial out or hang up (a little tip I learned from another site, only works if they are using a mobile network, as most Indian scammers do) try it and have some fun.
  • S E.
    I have just been told by a relative that she was caught by this scam last week. She was told it was to do with Microsoft and did not understand what she was doing when she handed over control of her pc. She was caught up in hours of written conversation and I am still not sure what she passed on to the wretched man who kept calling her "Mam". What I do know is that she was conned into believing that she had to pay by "Ucash" as any other method was unacceptable. She believed she actually owed the man for services and twice went to the trouble of getting cash from her bank, taking it to the local post office for it to be processed. It seems this money transfer system is totally unprincipalled as there is absolutely no way of tracing where the money was paid out or to whom. In fact if it had not been for the wonderful post master who refused her third transaction she would have handed over a large amount of money for a new computer as she was finally told that her hard drive had been irreversibly damaged! Of course there was only a mobile 'phone to contact the man and he mumbled so badly it was impossible to hear what he said his company was but if there is a SEAN LEWIS out there I hope your thieving ways catch up with you and before you damage any one else's self esteem.
  • Bob j.
    These guys just called up my mum and convinced her that her computer was 'at risk'. She went as far as to give them control of her computer and as soon as they said she would need to pay, she inadvertantly caught them out as she had no money. After a few minutes of arguing about payment i came down and told her to hang up. Its sad that there are still people who get caught out by these a**holes, they need ot be stopped.
  • sara t.
    This happend to me a while ago and i actually fell for it as my computer was not responding ever. however once they said about the money a penny* dropped lol.. so i hung up and couldn't believe it! Then today the cheeky fkers rang again so i let them talk for ages pretending to go along with it to waste some of their telephone money, Then i snapped and started shouting down the phone this( I've got a better idea you need to get a real job instead of scamming any class people you fking stupid idiot!! & said i don't even have a fkin computer obviously i do.. then hung up the nxt thing he rang back shouting so i put the phone down after again saying back get a job u conning fck! then he rang back my partner answerd the indian was shouting you *mother fuker* i will have you! The nxt time these wankers phone i am going to blow a wistel so loud down the phone and make sure i blow their eardrumbs! Asif life isn't a struggle with costs these days without these lowlife scum fuks trying to take frm us! Up the British thats what i say & they wonder why racist shit goes on! they will make things harder for other innocent indians soon i think..
  • Grid p.
    I was scammed this morning. The phone rang, and some Indian geezer told me he was calling from Microsoft s help center and then there was a lot of geek talk that I didn´t understand. I KNEW I was being scammed, but I couldn´t BELIEVE it! It was a call from MICROSOFT, and they might very well use Indian callcenters. I don´t know how I got so passive! Probably because I wasn +t awake from the beginning. I feel so bad, and the worst will be hearing my son telling me off for this! grid in Sweden
  • SLN
    I have just had a call today. Indian woman claiming to be calling on Microsofts behalf. My son plays games on the computer so I did wonder if he may have downloaded something. She got me to press start button and the r key, then type event viewer which showed, surprise, surprise 3,246 threats! I am not very computer savvy, which these people seem to feed on, and went as far as to be sent to their website, then I got a very bad feeling and hung up. I didn't download anything but am now very worried they have accessed my computer in some way. Can anyone advise me if this is possible if I only went to the website, of if I need to refresh my IP address.
  • Angela
    Crap have just been caught by these horrid prats!!! luckily I didnt pass any money, but as I thought they were helping I stupidly gave them my mobile number as my landline died!!! Should I call the ploice?? what do u do in this situation. I always praise myself for being so carefull usually!!! dam it!!!
  • Leigh
    We have had three phone calls from these lowlifes. The first one I told them to phone back and speak to my husband because I thought it sounded like a scam and couldn't be bothered to talk at the time. They called back this morning and spoke to him and he told them he was busy and to call back later, he then looked on microsofts website and confirmed what he thought,that it was a scam. They called back this evening and he let them rabbit on then said to the guy look this is a scam. The guy then said to him who do you think you are saying this is a scam , my husband said to him look come on you are talking rubbish to which he went on to say he was going to come and F**k my family, something bad was going to happen to my family, he said he would continue to call us every day, something is going to happen etc etc In the end I took the phone which had been on loudspeaker for me to hear and went nuts down the phone which probably hasn't helped as they have phoned back again tonight. I phoned my tel company and asked them if they could find out where the call came from but they can't and also asked the police if there is anything that can be done but they can't and advised me to go to trading standards. Fucking ridiculous that you have to put up with shit like this in your own home!! Hope they get back all they are dishing out and more - sickos!!!!! Take it from me hang up straight away.
  • Dave
    Got this call a few days. Same ding dong about there are viruses on your computer, I just knew it was a load of horseshit straight away. So I said that I hadn't heard anything about this and that my computer was fine, and she was saying "oh yes but there are viruses attacking your computer as we speak", so I asked her if she could give me a number to call her back on and she came out with the same line again, I said no problem, give me a number to call you back on, then she went into a rant "sir microsoft are offering you free upgrade, don't blame us if your system dies in a few days", "I'll take my fucking chances love", she hung up before I could. Back to your fucking slum you scamming sewer rat
  • Marie
    Just got a call from "Microsoft". The man's name was "John", which I highly doubt for a man with a strong Indian accent. He told me that they were offering a complimentary service to fix my computer because I had sent an Error Report. I get these Send Error Report things quite often so I let the phone call carry on. He then asked me to take some steps on my PC which would fix things. I told him I was busy and he said he would hold on the line. I hung up. I picked the phone up after a few mins and he was still on the line so I couldn't dial out. Cheeky buggers!
  • Maureen L.
    Had three such calls this week describing the exact thing, He even had my address correct, which I told him was incorrect, I personally contacted Microsoft myself,ppl we love our computers, however, it is frightening that personal information is available to just anyone, ever google your own name try it you will be shocked at what you find. Gotta wonder if technology will kill us all. I'm glad I told him my new phone number was 1-800-get-lost
  • lachie
    I got the same sort of call. He went through his spiel. I started laughing. He asked ne why I was laughing and became upset. I said you know why and kept laughing and said goodbye and Hung up.
  • Martin
    Ive just got off the phone with these people........ They weren't 100% sure of my surname, the woman told me to go to my computer as i had a problem, to which i asked is this a windows problem & she said yes (i don't use windows),whilst listening to her gab at me i turned off the broadband & asked what i should do next, she told me to go to my computer & press CTR & R or something like that... i was too busy walking around the house at this point, she asked if id pushed the buttons & said yes, she asked me what i can see, i said nothing, she then gave me the instructions again & asked me what i could see, again i said sorry nothings coming up, then i was put on hold & bloke came on & asked me to do this again, he told the instructions again & asked me what i could see (by this point i was in the garage) again i said nothing & he replied with "sorry sir we've made a mistake your computer is fine" & the phone went dead Had heard about this scam a while back but never thought i would actually get the call, wasn't sure how they did it but thought id waste scammers time, not once did i laugh or anything i just acted like i was doing as they asked, i even said sorry its not working etc etc.
  • Mike T.
    Just had this phonecall myself. "Is that Mr x. xxxxxx at nnn xxxxxx" (They knew the exact address) "Yes, it is" "Your computer has sent more than 1000 event notifications to our monitoring server." "Which Computer? I have 5 in my house." "The one running XP" (Bad guess, just upgraded to Win7) "I dont have one of those, do you mean Windows 7?" "Yes, if you go to the event viewer, you will see that there are more than 25000 events" At this point, I realise that it is a scam, as I have been using computers for more than 27 years, and I know what windows event viewer holds, and especially when he then mentioned programs that failed to start! So I asked him how their computer was receiving this information, which company he was from and how I could stop this information being sent. He repeater that he was from Windows Server in Luton and that they have the worldwide contract with Microsoft to monitor these problems. So I repeated that I would like to know how to stop this information being sent from my computer, as the errors that I could see didnt bother me, what did bother me was information privacy. He repeated that they have a contract with Microsoft. I then said: "I have asked you for information on how to stop you receiving my alert information and you will not tell me, are you hard of thinking as well as hearing . . ." At which point he hung up. It is about time that Microsoft chased these people down, as they are doing their already tarnished (in my book anyway) reputation no good. I am just off to loot a few copies of Linux, then I know they are scamming me when they ring!!
  • Ken
    I was asked if I had Windows in my house. I asked him if he was selling double glazing to which he replied "Idiot!" and slammed the phone down - result!
  • E
    Their game as found out by cyber sleuths is simple...When an unsuspecting client like you gives them access through,under the ruse that they're scanning your PC,these crooks by sleight of the hand type "SOFTWARE WARRANTY EXPIRED" in the CMD Prompt Black screen pulled out in front of you.Does that give you a sense of Deja vu...??The Game of psyching thus begins in the earnest. The name of the Company operating 1) 2),etc is M/s Shine Solutions P Ltd, No.10 Shyamananda Road, Kolkata-700025. Contact No-033 24549679. This firm has a registered Front Office in Miami,Florida,U.s.A as FINMAESTROS LLC with specific call-back numbers for US,UK,IRELAND,AUSTRALIA,NEWZEALAND on their website.Their Modus Operandi is very SIMPLE.Hire a few needy youngsters fluent in English,pay between $100 to $300 per month with incentives for performance.. BINGO..The Jackpot is theirs. Have you got such call in the recent past.? If you have & have been duped,report it to the local police. Please forward this Post to as many people you can. NAIL THEM NOW...
  • Liz
    Just received another call from this scan. Must receive at least 3 calls a week. Even if you are rude to them they still insist that something is wrong and you must sign onto the computer. The first time they called I was about to sign onto the computer, but at that moment a knock at the door and the dog barking and all the noise made them hang up, at that moment it sunk in that I had nearly been duped.
  • Burner
    Microsoft telephone scam - Finally got tired of 1-510-943-3040 phoning me. Turns out it's a scam where they say they are MS Ohio 1-513-339-2800 calling about a virus, mysterious up/downloads and etc blah, blah blah. NOT Do not give them any access to your PC as MS doesn't call you
    I've been called twice now. The first time was a crazy coincidence as I just had delivery of a very top and very expensive new Windows 7 (64bit) PC and was a couple of hours into setting it all up when this call came. I thought it may have been from the company I bought the PC from but soon twigged it was a scam within half a minute of me being able to talk bombastically about computers, etc, so I politely hung up when the person on the end had very bad English and comprehension of computers. The second call I was now more aware of these prats after doing some research, they phoned again a few weeks later and had such a laugh at their extent by playing along with their scam, toying and winding them up as far as I could possibly take it, leading them up the proverbial garden path. They don't seem to understand sarcasm or irony and wish I recorded the phone conversation and uploaded it to Youtube due to how much I was taking the p**s out of them. I honestly suggest winding them up and play along with their scam in any way you like and see how far they persist until they finally get the message you're latently taking the p**s out of them and you know what is really going on with this scam, if you have the time rather than just hang up. Let them realise they have just wasted their own time calling you. Karma always works, especially minutes later when they suddenly realise you have been mocking them and stringing them along all the time and then they hang up on you. LOL
  • allan
    had same call today, dont know much about computers but know when i'm talking to a con artiste did getchance to tel him where he could ram it.
  • Olaf
    Had the call this evening. Gee that is fun; now if the number 00911234567890 isn't a dead giveaway, somebody telling you that you have a windows problem when all you have in the house are Mac's you really know it's a scam. I just laughed and told him I haven't used that kind of s*** software in years. He was kinda baffled and said in a small voice politely goodbye and hung up.
  • mark
    Had a call 20 mins ago out of the blue with a guy with an indian accent who said he was from mircosoft and based in surrey, uk. I was very suspicious to start with but went along with him as my pc is very slow but ended the call after being told i would need to pay 185.00 to clean my computer of 'trojans' as my 'warrantee' had expired (i was taken to a part of my pc where it did say some warratee had expired). Just as these posts said, i was handed over to different 'technicians' and 'senior technicians', all indian. I was shown error reports that they said were infections after i let them take remote access of my pc via a free software download page they went to (the sessionjs now expired and i cant see it to uninstall so hope things are ok). After hearing about the money and then being taken to a blatently non-mircosoft private web tech company page for my payment details, I said i would contact mircosoft myself and asked for his name and number and then hung up after he stalled. I cant believe i was this stupid. cheeky bastards.
  • Steve W.
    Got 3 of these calls last night, very pushy and aggressive. Indian accent, he knew our name and how many computers we operated. He started by saying there had been a survey in my area and wanted to talk to me about computer problems in the area. He would only speak to the registered Microsoft user. When questioned about how he obtained our name and phone number he went very quiet and wouldn't pass on his company name. Consequently we hung up.
  • justin b.
    is there any way to stop these ass holes? am totally fucked up by their calls!
  • joanie
    please help ive been caught ,got fed up with these calls and rang microsot ireland as i thought and was promptly put through to one of these indian guys who took over my computer and went through all the errors and tried to get me to pay which i didnt do but how hav i compromised myself .do these guys have access to my credit card and my internet banking details etc worried
  • paul
    just had 5 calls from these telling me my ip address has come up with a virus infection, told me they were microsoft engineers. i kept putting phone down and they kept calling. first phone number was an 0208 london number 2nd number was 0654654 which is a dead line
  • Ali
    some stupid cow with a very hard to understand accent rung me up . as soon as she said your computer has a virus i told her to feck off and hung up. i cant believe some people fall it and others prolong the telling them where to go.
  • adam
    some idiot claiming he was from microsoft told me my computer needed backing up urgently even though i had back ups off all my hard drives i told him that and he said wrong number
  • christine h.
    same thing between 16th and 22nd Oct, indian accent saying from microsoft, always around teatime. calling from 02011552013 I am in Jersey.
  • Martin K.
    They are still at it. Saying my computer was going to die. Problem is that if you are not 100% aware you can quite easily be taken in by them. Really wish there was something that can be done, even being ex directory and my number being listed in MSP they still call...
  • FED S.
    Rung up today at 13:00hrs by Indian man (poor garbled English) - to claim he was "Microsoft certified" (even offered to give their license number - when I repeatedly asked what actual "Microsoft certified support he was accredited with") I asked:- 1. Where he was ringing from - He claimed a London address - but claimed the post code was "M25 0ly" - I told him "M25" was a motorway not a London postcode Then He said his company was in Middlesex - I replied that Middlesex was infact NOT in London. Then he admitted his company was near Delhi , North India but garbled the exact address 2. Where did he get my tel. number form ? He replied "Our database" - and proudly boasted my details - address, name and tel. number he had in front of him 3. I told him the number he rang WAS registed with the Tel Preference Society NOT to receive junk calls - He replied he was a "SERVICE PROVIDER" was was not eligible as the call was outside the UK. He basically claimed there were problems with our broadband / computer...... WHICH WE DON'T HAVE !!!! Told him to remove details from their database.... We live in hope This was yet another unsolicited tel. call from an India call centre - mis-using our personal data, ringing up without our permission (harrassment) and causing distress (after previously asking to speak to a deceased relative). This isn't a joke anymore - people are being SCAMMED (fake insurance, computer exploitation) WHY ISN'T ANY AUTHORITY DOING SOMETHING TO STOP THIS ????????? It is causing public disguist at Indians and their scamming ways.
  • Apurav
    Hello guys An Indian guy has written the inside of these people. Each and every detail is there. Check it how they are operating such a big Scam and no one is doing anything about it.
  • Kaywire
    I had one of these calls today. I am 70. I told him I didn't have a computer. I may be 70 but I'm not daft.
  • sandra r.
    I got woken this morning with an asian man telling me that he was from Mictosoft and that they had numerous messages reporting errors from my pc. He would be able to stop any malicious software if I turned it on and followed his instructions. Very persistant even though I told him Microsoft would not do such a thing. Took his so called phone number 08081891441 and so called dept called Turner protect.and said I would phone back. Dialled 1471 and found no recorded number, suggesting it wwas from abroad. I didn't come over on a banana boat. Just what do these people think we are
  • Stuart
    Same scam as above - Indian caller used eventvwr to display supposesdly malicious software events. If you hold on long enough they transfer you to a supervisor who can guide you through the removal process and collect £129.00 for one years maintenance and support and make your pc run faster at the same time. What a complete waste of time - scaled up by the number of UK calls must amount to a massive loss of revenue for UK businesses - where is the regulation?
  • Otterman
    They've started calling Singapore and Australia too; see:
  • David
    My call came at 7.30 in the morning, which rang alarm bells straight away. Identified himself as being from 'Window' and said that my web browsing at caused a lot of internet clutter. He had an Indian accent but when I asked where he was phoning from he said "Barcelona" Asked me to click on 'Start' and then 'Run'. Asked what was showing and asked me to delete it and type in 'inf'. Having not done as he asked, at that point I put the phone down on him.
  • Gareth
    Had several calls over the past months. Always an Indian calling themselves something English for confidence. Always state they are from MS and that a problem with my system flags up. Funnt today i was on my Ipad. They are obviously reding froma crib sheet and as soon as you ask a question it throws them...... If you have the time and inclination you can have some real fun :-)
  • Jacob
    This Indian guy called today and said my computer had a lot of viruses and he told me to look at some sort of log which showed how many "viruses" I had. I stupidly believed him directed me to this website which had pay pal and looked pretty realistic, he then told me to download this thing which allowed him to access my computer. I downloaded it and then he started telling me about how my computer was slowing down and I had a failing anti-virus software and he told me to buy their software. He also wrote down some stuff on the notepad software on my computer, but then he started spelling things wrong and when I asked him for his name he spelled it wrong! Who spells their name wrong? I started to grow suspicious and I said I had to think about it and I said I would call him back. But I never did. I changed all my passwords on another computer and changed my credit card numbers. I even stopped my computer from using the internet. If I continue to log into accounts and buy stuff online do you think that they can still hack into my accounts and steal my credit card numbers? Btw. I'm using another laptop to write this.
  • Paul
    Hi Jacob, I'd play safe and change every password and perhaps even cancel your credit cards. Once the remote connection was made they instantly started downloading all your sensitive info. Better safe than sorry.
  • Amy
    Got a call today. Same as people above. I hung up and then looked up scams and found this article. Number was from a 999 area code.
  • Emily
    Same thing Happened to me... i hung up aswell... Luckily and then i came Online the same as you all and found this... Thank god i didnt do it !
  • liz
    Seems they're on the go! I had one today - 3.43 pm 14th Jan 2012 - They're saying that microsoft never make any calls but they were an associate so could do so. Asked for the company name ... they said "Bizhive". Their phone number on dialing 1471 was 02032327676.
  • Pete
    Haha, they just this second rang me, i have previously read this website so i knew it was a scam. I told them that my Dad worked for Microsoft and he says the computer is fine (false). Ofcourse they got scared and hung up!
  • Razz
    Got a call from these guys a few months back and spent an amusing 15 minutes repeatedly asking the guy to explain why I should start mucking about with my computer just because he'd randomly called me and told me the end he lost his temper and with barely disguised rage said 'Madam, please don't try to call us when your computer stops working' and banged the phone down! However, the best one has to be my best mate's Mum who received a call around the same time as me and had the guy trying to tell her where 'the button' was that she had to press, because she couldn't find it. After about 20 minutes, she admitted that she couldn't find 'the button' because she didn't have a computer.....
  • 29
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  • jane b.
    I had a phone call today 11 feb 2012 @ 14.57pm i did put the phone down after 23 mins of them telling me there was yellow warning errors and on the screan it showed three red ones they were not yellow he replyed no they are yellow i said i dont know if your colour blind in your country or weather you can not hear me i replyed shouting R.E.D NOT YELLOW listen to me and then closed the window and said sorry i can not make any payments i have no money.he replyed we can do a spiecal for you today for 3 months of £29.99pm i said not and put the phone down.with in minutes the phone rang again it was the manager of microsoft asking if i had a problem and could we resolve the problem i said the problem is i have no money and cant make a payment till i get paid so to ring back next wednesday.i think he thinks they might get a payment i just said any thing to get them off the phone.
  • Jenny
    So Jane (Bevan) surely you didn't actually open the program ? An indian voice saying he/she is ringing from Microsoft ? didn't alarm bells ring ? I didn't need to check online to know it was a scam. For a kick-off the number comes up as NUMBER UNOBTAINABLE on my phone anyway, then they take time to answer you because you are a random call amongst hundreds and by chance they chose to answer you. I had a really good laugh when I had this bloke on that I didn't have a computer but didn't want to finish there (I was a bit bored!) so I said "there is a computer in the house belonging to my lodger and I know the password", "oh good can you go to it now" he said, "yes what do I need to do?" I replied ! Anyway in the end I told him I knew it was a scam and he should get a proper legitimate job to which he shouted down the phone "if you haven't got a computer SHUT YOUR GOB !!!!" I laughed my head off afterwards it was so funny to be told to shut my gob, it must have been the first thing he could think of !!
  • Debbie
    I am so sick and tired of these people. Every day they have rang me for over a week. Last week I told them I work for Microsoft and I know that my computer is fine. The person on the other end of the phone then started to shout at me saying "ok, if you work for Microsoft what am I going to tell you to do?" I said he would get in my pc and then ask me for money. He kept on shouting at me so I put the phone down. Today I just put the phone down. Thank goodness I'm changing my number next week!
  • Sue D.
    Yep, they called me today, but the fact that he couldn't tell me what my Operating system was confirmed to me that it was a scam, I hung up and then came online and found this.
  • Janet
    My husband got a call today from these scammers. I wish I had gotten the call. My husband almost fell for their pitch but something told him not to. When he told me about some guy in India calling from Microsoft about a problem with our computer, the hair on the back of my neck raised up. Not having heard about this scam myself, I still knew without a doubt that no one from Microsoft would call us. Wait until I show him a printout of this article.
  • Jenny
    I'm also pestered by these calls almost on a daily basis. My phone says *International Unobtainable* so the calls can't be traced. I had one operator on that I didn't have a computer myself and sensing he was annoyed I said but someone who lives here has one. He lit up and asked me if I knew the passwords, eventually I told him to get a proper job and he became really angry shouting "if you haven't got a computer then shut your gob!" I laughed my head off at the words he used. I tend to say get a proper job and question them about Microsoft by saying they don't make phone calls. I don't know why I bother but they are easy meat, saying that I really wish they would stop ringing me !!
  • Martin, E.
    I had a call this morning (23/2/12). I knew it was a scam from the moment he started talking, but I kept the guy on the phone for a few minutes just to see how it would pan out. The call ended when he asked me what operating system I was using. I replied: 2You've called me to tell me that there's a problem on my PC. I would have thought you would know what operating system I was using!" he then hung up. He didn't even say "goodbye"! So rude.
  • Martin, E.
    I had a call this morning (23/2/12). They said they were calling from Satellite Services in the USA. [I am in England.] I knew it was a scam from the moment he started talking, but I kept the guy on the phone for a few minutes just to see how it would pan out. The call ended when he asked me what operating system I was using. I replied: 2You've called me to tell me that there's a problem on my PC. I would have thought you would know what operating system I was using!" he then hung up. He didn't even say "goodbye"! So rude.
  • chas N.
    Same call , from an indian accented man claiming to be in a Microsoft service centre in Brixton. He gave me an address and a phone number 02081231138 , I called out of curiosity and found that no one worked there other than people with the name of Ben with the same voice as the original caller ... and which was the name he gave me !!!!
  • noisy1
    get theses calls on a regular basis usually asking for another family member. all they get is abuse from me so when they ring now and i say hello they pause dont speak and hang up, best thing is to keep them hanging on or if u have ansa machine leave that running with a recorded message in indian saying @namaste
  • Colbert
    I live in the northern Sweden, and I got a call a few minutes ago. (It was clearly an indian call-center woman, who was very courteous and called me sir.) I told them (quite sincerely) that my phone was stationary, which would make me unable to fix my computer while talking to them, but that I would be happy to write down all the steps with a pen and paper. She said "I'm sorry, sir." and then silence, and then she hung up. We both knew that would she have given me specific instructions, I could have verified them. Another thing that you can do with phone-salemen and others, is to say that you are in a hurry at the moment, but that you would be happy to call them back. If they claim to be working for a large company, the number would be listed somewhere, and if it's not, just call up the large company and verify if they have salemen calling about these offers. (Often company support are also more sincere than salemen, and might end up telling you that the sale is a waste of time.)
  • Karen
    Beware that if you waste their time these guys can get verbally aggressive. I wasted time with one of these scammers and he very explicitly threatened sexual assault. Despite knowing he was in India, it was unnerving.
  • MIke
    Received call today offering to fix computer. Had Indian accent I asked which Country he was calling from, he said "LONDON." I then said I would take his number and call back, here it is 0203 264 495. Asked for his name he said" SHANE WATSON" I said that's the name of an Australian Cricketer he said, "co-incidently, YES". Tried calling the number PERMANENTLY ENGAGED
  • Babs
    I was getting these calls daily but was doing away with house phone so told them i was interested to call back after the 15th Feb (date phone was being disconnected) wonder if they still trying lol
  • Babs M.
    I received a call from a charming Indian man and signed up with offer for ongoing virus protection for my computer for a small monthly fee. He remotely fixed the errors in my "Windows Event Viewer" screen promptly. My computer has ran so much quicker since the call. It is only a small monthly payment, saves on Norton fees. What is everybody complaining about here? The one I dealt with was reputable. He put me on to his manager, who sounded like he was high up in Microsoft. I have an appointment next week with an esteemed Nigerian businessman, who is going to offer me the opportunity of a lifetime! I can't wait.
  • Katie
    My mum recieved a phone call the other night from one of these indians in a call centre, unfortunetely I was at work and if I was there I would of known straight away that this was a scam. My mother let them in to her laptop, but when they asked for money she knew that it wasn't right. On the downside, our laptop is full of corrupt files and we have had to get it wiped and also shut down bank accounts. On a better note at least they didn't get any of our money. They keep ringing and today my mother told them quite firmly where to get, and they told her that 100 men would come to our house and shoot us! Delightful. These scammers need sorting out. It's wrong and makes me angry that older people who aren't that clued up on computers will fall for this, and if they don't the threats they are making will scare them.
  • Andrea
    This is still going on I received a call this morning on our ex directory number, Indian lady who knew me what system I operated etc etc. At home with a stinking cold and obviously a bit vunerable cause nearly fell for it. Very persistent woman and if it wasnt for my son being home and over hearing me saying about why I had not been given error reports that he ran down and told me to put phone down, saying it was a scam. Never heard of this one before although it appears its been round for years. Put it on facebook as far better way of warning people that ads that dont always get seen by everyone. Thank God my son knew about it although I may of caught on in time as I was saying I was on my way out and did not have time,but she kept on saying it was really important I listen to what she had to talk me through as my computer was at risk. How these disgusting people sleep at night and live with themselves.
  • Phil, M.
    My wife took the call at lunch time, 13th March,Initially gentleman was polite but after consistently refusing his requests to let him 'sort our problems out' my wife put the phone down on the caller.(No number left on caller display.) He immediately called back threatening to cancel our M.Soft licence if we did not co-operate. My wife told him to phone back when I returned. He was getting more angry but eventually he got tired of the conversation after saying he would phone again tomorrow, he put the phone down. (Number left on caller display, 02138251150)
  • Maureen
    I got one of these phone calls this morning, a man with a strong Indian accent calling himself Rob Williams who said he was calling from Microsoft and that there was a virus on my computer. The telephone display said "International". He was very bossy, telling me to switch on my computer etc.. I told him I had been on the computer all morning and that the security package hadn't reported any faults, that I hadn't got time anyway to switch on the computer as I was going out. Told him to ring back. Our local police had warned us about this scam in their monthly newsletter.
  • ओमा �.
    i love my job yes we hack and scam but i really dont care how you guys feel. i need that money and i dam sure will take it if i have to. i dont care about you guys i got kids and a beautiful wife i need to take care of. and they force us to scam you people.
  • Joe
    I get about 4 or 5 of these every week. If I have the time and can be bothered, I like to act daft and string them along for as long as possible, figuring that if they're unproductively talking with me, they can't be bothering someone else. I'll usually end the conversation by asking them "are you a religious man?". This normally throws them, but they often answer that they are indeed religious. I then ask them to explain what their God would think of the terrible things they're trying to do, that they're trying to steal and would their God not condemn them for their actions. Mostly they'll try to carry on regardless and despite me saying I know it is a con, they'll often try to persuade me otherwise, but a couple of times I've detected that I've hit a raw nerve and had them wobble a bit. Just wish it was possible to block these calls.
  • Charles P.
    March 15th Just had THE call from Rick Wilson, said company name Swaptech4U ! Gave telephone number 01223901163 Even gave me his Works ID number Said he woud be sacked if I complained. Accessed my computer and said to protect 3 computers would cost £216 - Didn't fall any further - said at 'my age' was very tired - needed abreak and to call back in an hour! Needless to say no call..... Hope no damage to my computers - fingers crossed
  • Sam
    My dad recieved a phone call from these people this morning at 7.30! My boyfriend actually works for Microsoft so if there were any problems im pretty sure he'd let us know about it. Dont fall for it!
  • Dan
    They called me today, second time, I told them to hang on while I "started 'er up", then I went and did something else. Then I had to log in, which we agreed was probably taking a really long time because of all the viruses. Then we had quite a long conversation about exactly what operating system I was using (turns out I've got a Commodore 64 that "my son gave me", but I don't know how old it is or much else about computers). Eventually he agreed to my repeated offers to "connect 'er up to the internet". I played really loudly a dial up modem sound on a loop I found on Youtube, picking up the phone every now and again to tell him it "takes a while to connect 'er up" (I was looking after my babies so I wasn't doing anything productive anyway, just mucking around on the internet). Eventually we got to in my Netscape browser (you know how old people sometimes have a bit of trouble typing urls), and I told him there was a warning on there about scammers from Mumbai, and a picture of his mum being fucked by a baboon. Anyway my point is, these guys must have a very rudimentary understanding of computers themselves, to not get that I was messing with them within the first five minutes talking to me.
  • sarah
    just had the same phone call when i asked how they got my number an if they had a website i could look them up on they hung up so i've googled it an found this page glad i was not willing to give out any information!!!!!
  • Network V.
    Nice weblog right here! Additionally your web site quite a bit up very fast! What host are you using? Can I am getting your associate link to your host? I want my web site loaded up as quickly as yours lol
  • Tony
    I received one of these calls from a very nice Indian gentleman called Kevin. I followed his instructions to the letter. He managed to remotely sort out all my computer problems for a small monthly fee which I pay by direct debit. He was so helpful that I now think of him as a personal friend. I just so happens that I have just come into (or I am just about to come into) a lot of money. I had a telephone call offerring me the purchase of a painting by a little known artist for a mere £500 (which the seller wished to get rid of quickly to pay for hospital care for his dying father). The painting is in fact worth over a million! So when I get the money I shall use it to pay for my accommodation when I visit Kevin in India. I don't need to pay for the flight because I have just won a free holiday to the destination of my choice(to be confirmed when I dial 9 on this phone call that I am now in the middle of). Things are definately looking up! I am also looking forward to receiving my refund for PPI which I didn't know I was entitled to! What nice people these phone guys are!
  • Mand
    And in reply to the post on 14th march - I can not blame people for trying to feed and clothe their family, but most of us have morals that prevent us from doing that immoraly or illegally. Besides that, someone is probably getting very rich, whilst you get paid a pittance doing their dirty work!
  • Malcolm G.
    Just received a call from a Kevin from "PC Support" informing me that my computer has become virus infected. I told him to b****r off. Why doesn't the UK government put pressure on the Indian Authorities to stamp out this bullshit at source ???
  • russ
    Got my call today. spent 5 mins telling her i could see the r button. then anfter 15 mins told her i was on apple mac.. not sure were she went after that lol
  • m
    I got a call today at 19:40, it was a very bad line and an indian lady asked me how i was today and when i said "what do you want?" she repeated herself. Then IT was quiet for a bit and even when I put the phone down they were on the line for a few mins, Earlier that day I had one from an indian man, first asking me if i spoke urdu?? but hung up both times
  • TER
    Just got a call. this is the third time I had received a call like this. WOW" REally I said" I told them We cut peoples hands off for being a thief.. they hung up. Besides I don't use Microsoft anyway. They need to be caught.
  • SJF
    I get these calls every day and am starting to lose my sense of humour, thing is I need to answer the phone as I work from home. Is there any way to bar these calls?
  • Sprinjok
    Have had numerous calls from the well known Indian Jerry McGuire. Would not be surprised if Barack Obama phones tomorrow. They are so keen to help me fix the problem on my computer (works fine). I have tried being polite and asking them not to call, and I have screamed every obscenity down the line, but neither method seems to stop them. They have even threatened to cancel my licence with microsoft. What legitimate company would call and then threaten the client. Intend on just slamming the phone down from now on. Had enough.
  • Jane M.
    Well brand me complete idiot as I've just done it. They took over the computer for several hours and cleaned files then had me log in to Paypal and get AVG. I paid £30 and supposed to pay another £40 in a month. They do appear to have installed a legitimate AVG with a licence etc and did call back the next day to see if things were okay. Then today I got a call from another company with the same drill which is when I fully got it I'd been had. I was suspicious but they were very convincing and did apopear to be showing me loads of corrupt files etc. Everything seems to be okay on the computer and I know I was had....should I do anthing else now though ? What can I do if they have my data at this stage?
  • Mette R.
    Now also in Norway! Hung up on them.
  • christina b.
    i just got a call from a indian guy saying he was from microsoft and i had a problems with my internet then said to me to put it on lol it was already switched on.he said it would only take a couple of mins. i said to him you could be anyone on the end of that phone, he just kept on talking and inthe end i said if i got a problem with my computer come round and fix it i then put the phone down on them i then come on computer and see this site. april 7.20012 12.00am
  • Trev
    I just got this call haha i strung him along like a good un... Said i had viruses and it was caused at 9:30 this morning (i was asleep) any ways he said is it a laptop or desktop i said i ain't sure... He said can you turn you pc on i said i don't know how so he started explained while i started playing with my microwave haha after a few beeps he said you know what i have 2 words for you i said what's that f**k you? He said your an old b**tard and go f**k your mother than hung up Made my day ha
  • Euan
    Same here just got the call today
  • Lucy M.
    The Indian guy got mad when I asked him “How do I know this isn’t a fake call.” And I was getting mad at him for misunderstanding. “You are a fake. You think you can be using a fake Microsoft and you call us fake?” is all he said and made a big deal about it. Then he asked somewhat persuaded me to go “check out” the junk (virus) in Microsoft on my laptop. He asked about what kind of laptop I use and which operating system it is. Then out of no where he said the operating system I am usng is “F.U.C.K. Do you know what FUCK is? I’m going to fuck your computer. I’m going to make it dead. And then I am going to fuck your pussy so hard.” I hung up because as he was saying this, I looked up about this so called “junk” for Microsoft and saw that it was a scam. I'm reading these comments and I wish I could have trolled him further or something but I have a busy schedule and don't need this shenanigans.
  • Jim ".
    I just got the call from an Indian guy. He said I might have viruses, malware, and trojans that my antivirus might not pick up on the Windows Operating System. He wanted me to go to my PC to look at some files... I made him jump through hoops to explain who he was and what he wanted, OVER and OVER until HE wanted to hang up... I told him I was reporting him to the FBI.. He then hung up.. LOL I can see how some people "might" fall for this. He did say all the right things. However, I'm a skeptic, I don't believe ANYONE..
  • Jim ".
    BTW... I'm in the Pittsburgh area ^^^
  • Pat
    We get these calls every day... they stopped for a while, when I said I was the police station..and then the Fraud squad... but they have started again.. I told them today ' I am just putting you through to the Fraud squad, hold the line'... and walked away from the phone... they rang back twice, my son answered. but all it said was a recorded message.. ' goodbye''.. There should be some way they can be stopped... any suggestions..?
  • Pat
    One earlier call, when I picked up the phone and knew it was them, jabbering away ...after I asked him questions and said I was the police.., his Indian Accent left him, and he spoke with an English, well Birmingham lilt....'' so sorry I have the wrong number'' plain as day.. so I am wondering if they are pretending to be Indian..
  • Kathy R.
    Got same call. Said I was going to call Microsoft and go directly thought them if there was an issue. Guess what...they hung up. A friend of mine keeps an air horn next to the phone just for these calls. I think that I will have to get one as well :)
  • Wai
    I had a call this Saturday from an Indian guy, which against my better judgement, I played along to see what he could do. There was a guy Raja on instant messaging and another technical guy called Andrew Wilson doing the 'technical analysis'. In terms of what they did, it was basic DOS prompt stuff like 'scandsk', 'root' and 'defrag'. I can see that it might have looked impressive to someone who know little about computers. I did get bored with this after a while and said I was going to switch off. It was then that he offered me a £170 package with some "southend" web site to resolve all my IT problems which included calling me each month. He pleaded with me not to switch off, but I was so annoyed at myself for entertaining the guy in my own time. Never again!
  • DannyG
    I just received a call going on about the same thing but this indian fella also tries to tell me that my windows and office licenses were invalid. Decided i'd waste as much of his time as possible for revenge as he really should've chosen someone who doesn't work in the IT industry and with Microsoft all day long!! He finally threatened to cancel all my Microsoft licenses before hanging up!!
  • Sam
    What happens if you do fall for it??
  • Tony
    I got the call, I told him I had a apple PC and he hang up! I don't really have a apple pc!!!
  • Jan
    Just had a call now - when I challenged it and said I had Antivirus, was told it was "deeper than that". So I asked the Indian lady what the error code was that she had.. she hung up!
  • Gemma
    Cant believe I have found all this! Iv just had a call from an Indian lady called Andrea! As soon as I heard the accent I was suspicious! I told her I was far too busy at that time and would call her back. She was keen and kept insisting on cslling me back instead but i finally insisted and She gave me a free phone number 08000488162. I haven't dared ring it just in case the call costs me a fortune! Hope they ring back now just so I can give them a mouthful, con artists! Grrrr!
  • Mandy
    Hi I just had Andrea call me spouting the same drivel that she gave Gemma so same again asked for a number to call back when not so busy which gave me time to do a search on this con. Horrible People.
  • Paul
    Just had exactly the same type of call from an asian gentleman who goes by the name of Andy Brian. I thanked him very much for bringing these issues to my attention and told him that I was immediately going to smash my machine up and treat myself to a new one. He wasn't very impressed and peaded with me not to do it. Great fun!!!!
  • Julian
    I've been getting these calls quite a bit over the last few months. Had one the other day from an Indian woman called Natasha. Played along with her requests then when she asked me what I was seeing on my computer IP told her I was seeing photos of womens feet. lol I also kept mumbling a bit to the point she called me an idiot. My reply was she was an idiot for trying to trick me and I then hung up on her. Bloody brats.
  • june
    iv just had the same call about 10 mins ago said my computer would close down with in the hour i asked where he was calling from and he said usa i said sorry where did you get my number from he said mircosoft had given it him lol i then put the phone down.
  • ken
    hi just had same call from Asiff fromIndia July 18/ at 1/30 played along then argued with him wot n/a meant he got annoyed and hung up.
  • Dennis
    July 27th, Hi, just had similar call from ''Frank'', similar tale to all the above. The 08000488162 number he gave me googles to furniture store in Blackpool. I adopt the same attitude with all Indian call centres who use european names. If they are lying about their name, then the rest of their pitch is probably also a lie. Tell them and hang up!
  • chris
    Had a call from a 'James Anderson' today - with Indian accent, claiming to be a Microsoft Support technician and telling me that my pc had been hacked into 16 times! Wanted me to pay £318 for 'lifetime' protection otherwise my pc would crash imminently and I may get fined £1000 by microsoft for allowing my pc to infect others. This has been going on for at least a couple of years now and it's about time Microsoft did something about it - the elderly and vulnerable must be paying out and it's horrible, nasty criminal activity. How do these people sleep knowing that they're going to work conning people every day?
  • Arlene
    I too have been getting these calls DAILY and HOURLY.. went out today and bought an air horn. Don't know if it will work, but sure made me feel better!. Too bad there isn't a way to identify these jerks. All the phone id says is "out of area" p.s. my guy also had the name of James!!
  • Nancy
    I fell for this and paid $150. My computer seems to be responding faster but now I feel that I've been taken. Think I'll attempt to dispute the Visa charge. Wish me luck!
  • katie
    I was called last night and told by an Indian lady that they were Microsoft Certified Technichians and that those 'send errot report' things that come up on the screen sometimes had alerted them to critical problems with our computer. When I asked how they got our detail they said we provided them when we registered the software etc. My husband has been away for a few days and I foolishly let her talk me into entering into some code or other and bringing up a list of 5000+ critical error messages. I know nothing about computers and ours does seem to do odd things from time to time so I listened. I was put onto some other guy who then asked whether my husband had paid for Certified Microsoft Security Protection Level 6. I had no idea so he said he thought not as I did not have the ability the right click on the errors and delete them so I should [email protected]£110 to have it installed and benefti from a years technical support. I said I would ring my husband in Switzerland and see if he wanted me to proceed as this obviously could be a scam but I was told they were authorised by the UK government and given registration numbers, adressses and phone numbers to reassure me. However I insisted on speaking to my husband who obviously said do nothng unitl I get back! Half an hour later I was rung back so I said we were not prepared to pay out over the phone before investigating further and my husband would deal with it. He is supposed be ringing back tomorrow at 7:30! Good luck to him if my husband is home by then. HOwever I am worried that having done the thing that brought up the error codes someone in India was busy getting our confidential data off our computer as I did not shut the computer down whilst trying to explian to the guy that I couldn't part with any money as this could be a scam! Does anyone know if this is possible? I am so daft!
  • Notthatgulible
    I have one of these calls today. Kept them chatting for a good 20 minutes at least (never once even turning on my computer). I can see how convincing this would be to even the most sceptical people (they conned my dad into it and thats no easy task!). But on questioning them fully about what details they had of me (only what you could get from a phone book!), what antivirus software I had (they didn't know but said it had been breached!), what the malicious data was that had has been corrupted my computer (they said it didn't have a name and they couldn't give me the details of what it was!). They clearly have researched enough to sound convincing but couldn't give any technical information at all.......They didn't even make the effort to make up some - I wouldn't have had a clue! haha. I really shouldn't waste my time winding these people up, but it wastes their time that they could be using to con unsuspecting people so maybe it helps someone else!
  • James
    Finally had my first call of this nature today. It went something along the line of.. Me: Hello Caller: Hello. I'm calling from Microsoft and you have viruses on your computer. Could you turn on your computer. Me: I have Ubuntu Caller: No that's your internet provider. Me: No it's not. I have Ubuntu. Caller: Let me passs you on to my supervisor Me: Hello? Caller: Hello. You have viruses on your computer. I'm calling from (inaudible). Me: The ;ast person said she was calling from Microsoft. Was she a liar? Caller: Yes. Could you turn on your PC please? Me: I have Ubuntu. Caller: Could you turn on your computer please. Me: I have Ubuntu. Caller hangs up. I run windows 7 with security essentials. Please don't fall for this scam.
  • james E.
    This guy called Gupta went on for an hour, I was off work with the cold so I thought beats watching Jeremy Kyle, he went on and on and told me that apocolyptic disaster would befall me with amagedon following in hot persuit. I thought I had trouble with a runny nose and the male brazilain prostitute on the other phone. Nevertheless I went along with this guys phrophcies of doom listening intently of the cataclysmic disaster which would now unfold. He went on asking me to run event manager, etc which I knew due to my unashamable lifestyle that thousands of naughty web site access addresses, of encyclopedia britanica would be highlighted. After an hour of pretending to do what I was told he put me on to Mr Dim Witt chief technical manager, who told me his time was more valuable than the brazilian prostitute now at the bottom of my bed and to sort this ther would b a charge of 175.00 pounds sterling with no VAT,, , it was then I told him I had Apple Mac's he called me a effin lair cast doubt on my parents being born out of wed lock then hung up. If that isn't bad customer service I dont know what is ...Me am going back to Jayne the cross dresser from ayr
  • Brenda L.
    I've been getting these calls alot lately. Tonight I asked whom "she" worked for, when I asked again she said "I was bad". Told them if they call again, I was going to report them. Next time I'll do the air horn bit. Very frustrating!
  • JR
    Got a simular call Friday night. My wife answered and he called her by her first name. He said are computer was posting errors over the internet and he could help fix them. She turned over to me and he called me by my first name. I asked him a few questions then told him that I didn't believe him and never to call back again. Sounded like he was from India.
  • An
    Just got a phone call, the guy sounded european though, I just hung up.... Wish I didnt though, it would have web fun messing around with him.
  • Paul
    Do what I have done in the past, tell them you have to turn on the p.c. and can they wait as it takes a while to boot up. Keep telling them it's almost ready, just a bit longer and then play stupid when they ask you to open things like event viewer or when they try to get you to install remote software. Then when you sense they are on the verge of hanging up, tell them you are not stupid and that you know this is a scam and you hope they have fun explaining a long distance phone call that has taken ages with no end result <;o)
  • Paul H.
    I've just had the same call. I've tried in the past to point out that either I'm microsoft qualified or that I don't use Windows (Linux user) and had loads of verbal abuse.. Today I tried a different approach. Tell them that you've just got home and need to start computer. Put handset down and get back after 15 minutes. They call back and then pass you onto a 'technician' say it's still booting....they wait...and wait....told them I'd give up and re-install windows..... they say they'll cal far I've had them on the phone for 30 minutes waiting whikst I go and have a coffee and a smoke....just don't give a cell phone number when they ask lol If they want to waste my time... I can waste their's, just keep putting them on hold :-)
  • Paul H.
    Finally had a call back. Asked them if they'd tried to access my computer as I now have a BSOD (blue screen of death)... got passed to a 'senior technician' and asked the same question. He asked me to turn PC off an dback on, I told him I had already done that several times and now had the error 0x000000BS...the guy on the phone is talking BS....he said 'oops yes I understand' and put the phone down. Not too bad. just over half an hour of their time and phone costs wasted result :-)
  • Rach2501
    Katie, Don't worry your not daft & no IT UNLIKELY they have any access to your data without you downloading the software they would have wanted you to download. If you hve not went ahead & downloaded anything you should be ok but get your husband to check it out. I nearly fell for this scam as they phoned my me & I thought it was dodgy but phoned my boyfriend to check. Best advice I've been given is microsoft ect wouldn't ever call you. Best response I've seen - Say you are the burglar of the house they've phoned, so you the wrong person to talk to!
  • Jasmine
    Hi,Private Owner, I had the same call. I got his name and found him on the Indian site as a tech. I bet he was surprised causr I emailed him at the Indian college where he was talking to me. I am furious because this is the second time they have done this to me. I shut down on him when I finally realized because he sounded like the fake man who did this to me last year. It cost me a boat load of money to get my computer working properly. I wish the USA would not allow India into our network! They have bilked thousands of dollars from us unsuspecting people. Last year the woman from India bragged to me that she had all my financial information and if I did not pay up they would take the money out of my bank accounts. This time I was able to trace this man to his college in India. I think there should be a way for our country to block Indian people from coming into our computers and putting stuff into microsoft. They tell me they take all my emails and use them to take on my friends who have computers and emails on my computer.
  • Ruth
    Yesterday I had a frantic call urging me to get to my computer IMMEDIATELY. He identified himsel as a number of Technicians authorized by Windows to make a repair to a number of computers they identified as being infected with a vicious trojan horse which can not be detected by anti virus programs. I told him I wanted to call him back and needed verification. He gave me a long number which according to him would be located inside my computer and only Windows would have this number. I urged me to verify this. I was suspicious but figured I could check the authenticity of the number quickly. By then he had called his supervisor because I was reluctant. While turning on my laptop he kept urging me indicating dire consequences if I did not hurry. It took a while. He told me to right click on the windows icon. I did and a box with three letters appeared. He gave me a different set of letters to type in and informed me the screen would turn black for a second. I really didn't feel right about this. I think I typed in a different set of numbers he gave me, I was so concerned. Immediately a warning box came up on the screen covered partially by Norton virus scan program and a Norton red flag. I told them I would run a virus scan before proceeding and by then they had hung up already. They had a very heavy Indian accent.
  • legofreak157890
    About 2 days ago I got a call from an indian lady claiming to be from microsoft. She said that I was downloading microsoft software illegaly and should stop. Then I said just hang on a minute ad then she hung up. :{
  • Drakkona
    They called and told me that the INF folder in WINDOWS stood for infections (an obvious lie) and that I needed to let them access my computer remotely and fix it using some weird software. I knew for a fact that INF stood for information, as in hardware information, not "infections". What did they take me for? My grandmother had talked to them before, and they said they were from Microsoft, then later she asked if they were from AT&T and they said "yes". It seems they aren't very smart. If anything WAS wrong with my computer, my anti-virus could detect it.>:)
  • George M.
    Just got same kind of call. Maybe if you could understand the heavy accent it might be at least plausable. Said he was from "Windows". Said my computer was hacked. I hung up. He called again, I hung up. He called AGAIN ! This time I told him that I was recording the conversation, and that if he called back, I would call the authorities. He blurbed out something regarding the FBI. Wow ... a company by the name of "Windows" is working with the FBI because my computer was hacked. I didn't know I was that important. I told him again (he was a very poor listener) that I was recording the conversation ... He said something (don't know if it was english or what), and hung up. If this guy called my grandmother, I can be at ease, because my grandmother would have not been able to understand a word he said. Sounded like your typical customer support agent !!!!!
  • Lyncarol
    I had fun with the guys- they both spoke with an indian accent and claimed they were from Microsoft windows and they wanted to help me because of all these terrible things that was going to happen to my computer! I led them to believe I was a crazy old invalid hillbilly woman (part of this is true) who allowed my cat to walk all over my 15 year old computer, but was so glad he called because I was lonely." I kept pecking away on the counter or dresser while I folded and put away 2 baskets of clothes, and was running up and down the stairs with them on speaker phone. The first guy grew tired of me because of my "hearing problem" when I would repeat things differently than what he was saying, but he couldn't hang up because "I lived on my computer and had all kinds of stuff on there!" So he got his tech manager on there who said - how can I help you? I said well since he was calling me to volunteer his help I asked him "if he could come mow my lawn?" The next time he insisted on helping me, I asked him "if he could vacuum? - cause my cat had long hairs and they were everywhere! At one point I asked him to put someone on there that could speak English - real good! He was insulted by this and went on about how good his English was. I said well there was one thing I was good at and that was the computer and maybe he needed my help since they had called me. After a half hour Richard (but I insisted on calling him "Ricky boy") grew tired of me cause I was crazy and kept pushing the wrong buttons on the computer (which wasn't even on)and he started encouraging ME to hang up, but I'd say - nay I thought he was a sweet little man and I was soooo lonely and I was so glad he called! I finally asked him for his phone number and I said he would be the first one I'd call if I ever did have computer problems. The phone number he gave me was a 304 area code and I said - well, by golly you're from WV too and asked him what city he lived in. He mumbled something that sounded like Huntsville and I said - did you say you're in the hospital? you poor, poor thing - having to call and help old women like me while he was sick, that was such a shame - and poof- he was gone. He hung up. And I laughed my head off while my husband just shook his head. I hope one of them calls again tonight!
  • A V.
    I am an Indian and ashamed by what is happening. I also got a call from "Windows" about y computer being affected. After keeping them on hold and acting as if I am trying to get my computer started got them to a stage where they were frustrated. This guy ( he is from India and also from the Eastern part of india, I heard them talking in Bengali) was so annoyed that he said that I need to take care of my laptop now as this would crash in the nect 2 hrs because of the "mal-a-wares". I asked him if he was an astrologer and he hung up. Atleast wasted 40 mins of their time. But I feel disgusted and really ashamed that some people from India are doing this, These people should be brought to justice at an international court of justice and should be given the highest level of punishment.
  • Carl
    Hi Everyone I have been plagued by these calls and from PPI and charities all claiming to offer me a great service, return or to solve all my problems. My replay is "please put me on your abusive client list, because when you phone again and I tell you to **** off you **** you will not be offended" and I hang up. SURPRISE! the phone calls are stopping.
  • Lindsay
    I googled a phone number and I got something that sounds like what all of you are talking about and I went along with it because I wasn't able to reinstall my Microsoft word they showed me the virus and had me get on a website that let them get on my computer I did that and I let them fix my computer for 265 I haven't paid yet but since I let them get on my computer what should I do I'm so scared.
  • Lee M.
    I have been called several times my wife and I both. First, I wouldn't allow them any access to my PC. They are very aggressive, they will keep calling you back. Insult them, call them scammers, they do not care. I found however that if you say something like Kali (The Indian God of Death) loves you, or look on Wikipedia or on a general google search on what offends these lowlifes. You can make short-work out of them. Indians are offended by quite a lot. Tell them you are in the middle of a steak dinner. (They don't eat beef). I am from Central Maine USA
  • todd
    just received a call from a guy named "Paul" from "windows" in India said someone was using my computer illegally, wanted me to go to my computer and login ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no - bye paul
  • Duncan
    Best one yet. Told caller I have a Mac and don't use Windows. Before I had a chance to put the phone down, he said "but Apple is a Microsoft Company. Hilarious!!
  • yoz
    Had the usual phone call trying to tell me about viruses, malware, licence run out etc. I kept them on the phone for about 15 mins then dropped the bombshell to them. I informed I worked for HMG Cyber security which is not an advertised agency and by having him on the phone for 15 mins I had his exact location and for good measure his IP address as well. I then said in about 10 mins the local armed security would be going to his location to arrest him and confiscate all his IT equip. Their was a sudden intake of breath a foreign word was spoken (probably a swear word) and the line went dead. HA HA serves them right. I will try this again next time
  • aboo
    My other half just handed over $200.00 for a lifetime virus program(what a joke) I tried so hard to tell him that it was a scam. Well I have since been harassing the number that he had, they are East Indians and pretending to be Best Buy working for Microsoft. What a joke, I call them every 10 mins and harass them, and I convinced my other half he was scammed and he is in touch with the bank trying to reverse the money he sent. When I get them on the phone, I tell them I want to speak to a white person and this makes them really mad cause they are not in control of the conversation, they tell me that Canadians are stupid people, so I tell them how I feel about them doing a job of ripping people off, and that they are retarded East Indians, I don`t really mean that(cause there are a lot of great Indians) but I am giving these people a taste of their medicine. Please people don`t fall for there is a problem with your computer and let then have access to it, they will screw it up and you will need to pay to get your computer.

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