Microsoft launch branded stores to rival Apple. Meh.

This feels very uncomfortable. Like trying to explain the internet to your dad. Or having your nana wipe your face clean with spittle on a hankie. Not cool. Everyone's least favourite company called Microsoft, Microsoft, are taking a leaf out of Apple's tree and opening branded stores.

Apple has grown its market share dramatically in the past few years, thanks in part to success of the iPod and iPhone, but also because their in-store experience is perceived to rival having sex while eating a large bowl of strawberry Angel Delight. Microsoft meanwhile, despite being the world's biggest software manufacturer has had a good kicking over the steaming pile of FAIL that is Windows Vista.

David Porter, a former DreamWorks Animation executive, is Microsoft's new vice president of retail stores - a classy job title, we're sure you'll agree. Microsoft hasn't announced where the first stores will open or when, only that it is going to happen. We're hoping for a grown man in a Clippy costume strung like a piñata in-store and soundly beaten by furious customers with sticks.



  • Me
    Bitter wallet is ridiculous. Who's to say they wont be fantastic? Windows is probably the best piece of software I have ever used, and Media Center in Vista is the best of its kind, bar none. Most people who slate Vista probably haven't spent enough time with it. I use it daily and find it very user friendly (once you turn off UAC) - the only reason it has a bad name is because when it was launched it wasn't really quite ready with driver support and etc.
  • Andy v.
    you must be special then, because even microsoft said it was a fail. microsoft 7 is the windows that vista should have been.
  • Cam
    @me, As someone else said in another post, BW usually get the thoughts and feelings of most people totally wrong. Its like media extremism gone bonkers. But its fun to read all the rubbish posts. Just get used to it ;)
  • Not M.
    I say it won't be fantastic! After two years of using Vista near daily I can honestly, whole heartedly say that it really is a steaming pile of Paris Hilton.
  • Toby
    Yet again, another case of Windows following what Apple have done well, forever the imitator and never the innovator... and yes I am a Mac Fanboy!!! and I have plenty of reasons to be. P.s. Yes I have Windows on my Mac and it is just a waste of hard drive space that is soon to be released (anything you PC can do my Mac can do better!)
  • Cam
    OK, so apple vs windows. But what about linux based systems? Once you try you won't want to turn back! But a lot of people are often scared(?) of moving to something new.
  • Dan
    "I use it daily and find it very user friendly (once you turn off UAC)" ahahaha Very user-friendly... I'm sure my technologically retarded family will be fucking A at "disabling the user account control". Fuck me, 75% of people who use computers can barely work out how to turn the fuckers off properly, never mind start tinkering with the user account administration. ahahahah
  • Andy
    Why the hate? They're only making a store. It makes perfect sense considering their wide range of products. You can't say you love Apple's stores and then say you hate MS for making their own, its just weird. "but also because their in-store experience is perceived to rival having sex while eating a large bowl of strawberry Angel Delight. Microsoft meanwhile, despite being the world’s biggest software manufacturer has had a good kicking over the steaming pile of FAIL that is Windows Vista." I usually defend whats written on this site but basically that translates as:" Apple is great because they have in-store, Microsoft have bad software". Whats your point? Perhaps people will get on with the software better if they can ask someone in-store for help with their issues, just as you would with Apple product. I don't prefer either company - but hating one because you don't like their product? Uncalled for. They didn't force you to buy Windows, just get Linux, its usually free.
  • Andre
    Personally i prefer butterscotch angel delight... and on the actual subject...Windows often find themselves fixing things with every releaase, whereas apple often release new OS's to bring new features more then anything. Personally Win98 was amazing...2000 = good foundation, but too many problems, ME = dire, XP = good, minus certain updates causes more problems after fixing problems! Vista = bloated.
  • Darren W.
    Could you imagine the Microsoft Genius Bar!!.... You wouldnt be able to make an appointment until 12 months later!!... And will they have all the PC's on display so you can go in and experiment... the amount of virus and anti spyware software needed to be installed will be unbelievable... I can just imagine walking in and seeing some Pop up ads on the screens not being used!! HILARIOUS!!, they always follow apple... its just that they never succeed!
  • Noghar
    If Sony can make a success of a chain of stores selling overpriced branded tat, MS can. But for me the fun of buying PC stuff is getting a bargain from the huge range of competing suppliers, which I doubt will be available in an MS store, any more than in an Apple store. I'm not a PC fanboy but I bought the wife a MacBook Pro for Xmas a few years ago and it's a real eye-opener. I never realised how infuriating and unhelpful an OS could be until I tried OS X. And when I went to buy a replacement battery from the Apple website, there were a hundred reviews from users complaining at how overpriced and unreliable they were. Apple's replacement batteries scored one and a half stars out of five, from Apple's own customers. The same goes for the notoriously unreliable MacBook Pro mains units. Apple had such chutzpah it reprinted all these slaggings-off without deigning to reply, never mind apologise or improve the product. Apple is an arrogant, smug, complacent monopoly supplier whose love of great design clearly doesn't extend to reliable or high-quality accessories - if you call a mains unit an accessory.
  • Neil
    @Toby, how is Crysis running on that mac of yours?
  • Darren W.
    NOGHAR - but what did you do to overcome the OS X issues? I find it hard to believe that you found windows really easy but apple OS X a struggle? and as for the battery replacement, only people have bad news tell you, out of the millions sold there are a handful of customers who are going to tell you that... Apple Have great design, great engineering and great products its just not everyone is perfect and Microsoft is far from it....
  • Noghar
    A handful? Just look at this page... Of the nine batteries listed just one gets more than two and a half stars over hundreds of reviews. The MagSafe power adapter is a great design, at the end that plugs into the Mac. The other end breaks easily and overheats, and it's more than a handful of people that say so. My most recent experiences with OSX were (a) installing a printer and (b) getting the MacBook to talk to the Windows network. The first was a pain in the backside but I got there eventually. The second I still haven't managed, whereas networking a PC with Vista or XP is an absolute cinch. I don't want to get into a flame war. I think my real resentment of Apple stems from me losing my beloved iPhone in a taxi when I was drunk. That was definitely Steve Jobs' fault.
  • Darren W.
    yeay but out of 10 Rechargeables and average reviews of 500 on each, it aint a lot compared to the millions sold! It is CR*P that it's happened to you, We have macs in work with a PC server and the config is easy... however at home I dont have a windows setup up at home. I can try and help of you like? No flame war, its just last night i watched a really good documentary on Mac's (how much of a fanboy am i now!) And it was just funny listening to the arguments between PC and MAC Gutted about your iphone!
  • Great
    Thats great news, finally someone to rival Apple.
  • Pete
    "That's great news, finally someone to rival Apple." Lol. I'm going to take that as sarcastic, even though I know it's not. To Darren: I'm currently trying to network a hardwired Mac desktop with a Win XP laptop (On the wireless bit of the same network router). I have PC Maclan installed on the lappy, any ideas ? The app launches OK, but I don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing / doing. I can't see any Mac HD in the folders. The Mac was on OSX (10.3.9) but I've had to temporarily revert to OS9 for an unrelated reason.

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