Microsoft finally do something subversive

We’re bracing ourselves for a bombardment of comments from the Internet Cool Cops telling us that Microsoft Songsmith is “like, so last Friday” but we love it and we want MORE of it – NOW.

To the uninitiated, it’s a nifty bit of software that will add a variety of generic musical backings to any vocals that you put into it. Its intended purpose is to help those of us who can scarcely carry a tune in a bucket to become the next Andrew Lloyd Webber. If that’s what you’re into.

Sadly, (we mean ‘thankfully’), cheeky little web-monkeys around the world have taken the software and used it to cobble together warped remakes of popular classics; original vocals and wacky new tunes. Here’s five of our current favourites, but there’s a whole bunch being added to YouTube by the day so please keep us up to date with the newest and freshest.


  • Liddle m.
    Looks good to me. I think I'll download the trial, which has the neat idea of 6 hours of actual use rather than a limited time period. If I write and upload an original song for you on YouTube ("My Bitter Wallet"), will you buy me the key for the full version..?
  • Andy D.
    If it's good enough, we might. But it's going to have to be very good indeed.
  • Liddle m.
    If it's 'very good indeed' I will go to a record label. But I appreciate the motivational push.
  • juankerr
    Mm.. Me like Country Rock Eye of the Tiger and Bonkers Electro Wonderwall. Time to dust off those accapellas and download Songsmith.

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