Microsoft come to the rescue of your rubbish, shaky videos

Microsoft have come to the aid of those who like to film shedloads of shaky, shonky footage with a thing called Hyperlapse.

The technology allows you to shrink hours of footage into minutes without all the juddering and shaking. It's the first time that time-lapse photography has been brought to first person type devices.

This is great news for anyone who has sat through their chum's five hour epic motorway films or endless footage from an amateur rock climb.

The technology controls shake at faster playback speeds by going beyond what's done by typical stabilization algorithms. Which in English means that it essentially smooths video by cropping out pixels at the edge of a frame.

Hyperlapse does this via a reconstructing camera movement, distance and angle with each frame and borrows pixels from multiple frames to smooth the video.

There is no news of a release date just yet, as they've only just managed to shrink the software down to one PC, but the possibilities are endless, and will help make Microsoft quite attractive to film makers... if they all weren't such Apple fanboiz already.

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