Microsoft advertise IE8, create new sub-genre of bad advert

There's only so hard you can flog a dead horse, and only so fast it'll run as a result. And only so far you'll get by employing out-of-work Superman actor Dean Cain to perform said-flogging. Microsoft are so desperate for you to love Internet Explorer 8 that they've created a whole series of spoof infomercials, to hilarious effect.

As you'll soon discover, an actor like Cain feels right at home in infomercials, so the gag is lost before the ad begins; there's only so much sending-up a small-time TV actor can do in a small-time TV scenario. Besides which, the ads both suck and blow big time:

There are a couple more where that came from. But then you have this. What the fuck is this?

[IDSGN] thanks to Bitterwallet reader Emma


  • Tom P.
    yuk yuk yuk we need a sick warning with that second one
  • Emma
    I think they are so lame they actually cross the line into funny
  • Anon
    Microsoft already has a douche bag image, and now they come up with this. Targetting old people who probably don't know how to use a computer, and perverts. wonder if this will be a pyrhic victory for them.
  • Chris
    I think they're brilliant myself, had me laughing anyway!
  • Lex L.
    And there isn't even a real You lied, Cain. You lied.
  • Gus
    is that guy the Superman from the TV series?
  • Gus
    I forgot to say, good ads!
  • Nobby
    I suffer from BISBISRI.
  • Nobby
    She should have been sick on a kitten. I would have liked it better then.
  • juankerr
    Microsoft have tried kookie ad campaigns before and generally have sucked at them , let's face it, they're a mega-corp not groovey indie types. Still. ad 2 did make me LOL twice.
  • Paul
    the sick one is the best
  • Microsoft B.
    [...] they hire The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story actor Dean Cain to make a ham-fisted stab at taking the piss out of IE8 users, portraying them as vacuous housewives and deviant husbands. Next, Microsoft attempt to lure you [...]
  • Pure-Klenz
    Those ads rule! Up yours firefox users! (incidently I'm using FireFox to post this...)

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