Michael Jackson VIP tickets on eBay now for £10,000,000

I grew up in the 80s. That means moonwalking to all of Michael Jackson's songs in flourescent British flag t-shirts and red jackets (vinyl, with lots of pockets), usually after watching the latest episode of He-Man.

So last night was a rather sad evening.

Michael Jackson dead at the tender age of 50 means various things to various people. Crazy fans cluttering useless lottery tickets, upset groupies over the upcoming "50-date farewell" O2 arena performance, and touts pissed off with no longer being able to hawk tickets at £2,500 a pop.

But to others, the death of "King of Pop" means something entirely different.


Just last night, as soon as news broke, even the postponed opening performance on July 13 was bid up to £10,000,000 on eBaY:


Self proclaimed investors and entrepreneur wannabes are also snapping up Michael Jackson related goodies from domain names to memorabilia, collectables, and 'rare' music albums. Some may call this sick, but perhaps this is just an illustration of truly capitalism at its best.

RIP, Michael Jackson. You and your music will be missed.



  • TV' P.
    I fucking love you Vince.
  • Gus
    Fucking hell! He really died!!!!!!! I thought it was just another bad written article by the bitter wallet team.
  • jamespir
    cant believ people are trying to make money out of his death
  • James
    Sad news. Glad to hear the touts are losing out though, woohoo!
  • Micky
    Why not jamespir? He is.
  • me
    lol, that ebay link is now invalid!!
  • jamespir i.
    jamespir who do you think will profit from this the most, have a look at the top 15 best selling cd's on amazon today....
  • Jake
    I would be worried if I was the last bidder on that auction because its a lot of money for no concert unless there will be a lookalike one with someone miming to his songs. I wonder if the highest bidder would be entitled to a refund due to exceptional circumstances. I think its sad people are cashing in on his death. I bet all the big music companies, iTunes, Amazon e.t.c will be making a fortune out of people rebuying his CDs and tracks.
  • freepspgo
    Very sad day in pop music :( He will be remembered as the GREATEST entertainer in the world, i don't see anyone coming close to what he has given to the world. R.I.P MJ !!
  • Robert C.
    Obviously people think its a joke and that he will be playing on 13th July as the ticket price has gone up to £1,500,100.00
  • To P.
    @freepspgo While it is a sad time - the GREATEST Entertainer in the World? Surely not? Did you not see his Dangerous Tour? Unbelieveably bloated, self-indulgent bollocks, man even struggled to sing. Every song went through the same rigmarole (pause, strike a pose, let the audience go crazy, start again). If this is great entertainment, I'll stick with Noel Edmonds. At least you know where you stand with the short-arsed beardy-weirdy cunt.
  • Crazypeople
    Ticket is now going for £9,999,999.00. Do the bidders really think he has not died or are they expecting to see his ghost performing?
  • Lutin
    @To become a King you must first have been a Prince Did you see any of his other stuff? His first moonwalk on the Mowtown 25 show for example? Unbelievably brilliant. Undeniably the greatest entertainer in the world.
  • Robert C.
    @Crazypeople the bid has gone down to £5,000,100.00, as highest bidder 5 retracted their bid. Maybe they woke up and realised there would be no concert.
  • qc
    you're an idiot. You look at the bidding on ebay and think it's serious? Obviously the bidders know there will be no show and are taking the p*** with £10m bids. Serves the touts right if you ask me
  • Ga W.
    @QC or maybe just maybe, they are also not serious and you have taken the bait? ;). MJ Produced some amazing songs, Shame his life was so blighted with problems. RIP MJ.
  • MJ
    The Doctor are not sure what caused Michael Jackson's death… was it the sunshine, the moonlight, the good times… or as we all suspect, was it the boogie? What's the difference between Alex Ferguson and Michael Jackson… fergie will be playing giggs this summer. It's a shame he's died. He touched so many young people in so many ways. Jackson has cancelled all his upcoming dates… They were James (aged 11) and Thomas (aged 9) undertakers have announced that when Michael Jackson dies he will be melted down to make plastic toys so kids can play with him for a change. Michael Jackson whispered a brief message to the paramedics before reaching the hospital..."put me on the children's ward". reports he died of a cardiac arrest are incorrect… he was actually found in the children's ward having a stroke Just heard he died of food poisoning… Got it from eating 12 year old nuts out of respect McDonalds have released the mc Jackson burger, 50 year old meat between 10 year old buns
  • Gary G.
    Why is everyone going apeshit for a paedophile? All of a sudden his court case regarding kiddy-fiddling is suddenly swept away. Only in America would a world famous paedo be set free. Absolute joke.
  • MJ
    Here, here Gary... He was born a genius... but he died a washed-up, disgraced, debt-ridden, child molester...
  • not i.
    Its been pulled now so no one will be out of pocket.
  • MJ
    It goes to show how much of a genius he was that if had not died and the concert had gone ahead, tickets would have sold for millions on eBay.
  • Gary g.
    Big boots to fill, step up "the leader of the pack" Thailands finest child molesterer Gary Glitter. Can't see him getting the same response as Wacko. What a cunt.
  • Boris J.
    @ Gary & MJ - so both of you were at the trial(s), know every detail of what happened and have discovered this conspiracy? That's amazing, you should publish a book and stick it on eBay... you'll be millionaires!! Believe it or not though, being accused of being a paedophile does not make you a paedophile - especially if you're found not guilty. But hell, if you were there (not sitting at home reading about him in The Sun) who am I to accept the court's verdict?
  • Jarvis C.
    MJ was proved innocent of any child molestation in a court of law, remember! People sicken me when it's already been proven that he's innocent. The only one that's been abused all his life is Michael Jackson by some of the people on this blog and also by the trashy of this world.
  • Professorcocktricks
    They now think he died by falling over a child's pram.....but Doctors say it's too early to "Blame it on the buggy"
  • Gary g.
    As previously stated wasn't this the same court of law following the same law systems that found OJ Simpson innocent of murder in the 1st degree? And the sudden dropping of charges by those children that were molested by MJ paid off. Utter joke.
  • Ga W.
    Gary - Dont you every think that the parents of the children might have just been trying to get cash out of him? Just like women claiming rape against premiership footballers so they can sell the story and get some cash? I aint judging either way but know that nobody here knows all the facts, so you cant really side either way on the whole 'kids' issue. Remember him as the King of Pop that bought the world some fantastic music.
  • MJ
    @Ga W... All I remember is watching the Martin Bashir interview with Michael Jackson and MJ openly admitted sleeping with children... for me, he lost every shred of decency and credibility in that single moment.... that is the most disgusting part that you 'fan-boys" very apt term, can't seem to accept. Like I said, born a genius, died a washed-up, debt-ridden, damaged, child molester.
  • LostALegend
    Paedophile or not... The guy hung his son off of a 50ft Balcony.... Doesn't deserve to be remembered as a father or a man... Legend Writer though...
  • Professorcocktricks
    He isn't really dead!...he's on the moon with Elvis
  • Boris J.
    @ MJ - sleeping with and molesting children are two very different things... as inappropriate as you might see it, being unable to seperate the two casts doubt on your own perceptions. I'm not even a fan of Michael Jackson, I just think it's ridiculous to label him a paedophile after he was found innocent of every charge leveled against him. @ Gary glitter - OJ Simpson's trial was a farce, not in the least bit helped by the police mishandling many aspects of it. Thus evidence was said to have been planted and this could not be proven either way - hence could not be found guilty (wasn't beyond reasonable doubt). Nothing of the sort happened with Jackson - there was no evidence save accusation. But hell, you positively know that people were paid off! You read it in a tabloid... @ LostALegend - true, but I don't see why he was vilified for this either. It was stupid, not malicious. He was securely holding his child and briefly showing him to fans, not dangling him... and babies are like superballs. However, I cannot forgive him for the fact that the yesterday's news turned into 1 hour tribute documentaries for him and every bloody music station os playing his back catalogue on repeat today. Can't wait for the re-release of Thriller clogging up Number 1 in the singles chart :'(
  • Nicholas O.
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  • Plantema
    Michael was my favourite artist. I am from Holland and watched all of his shows. If i had 20 Billion, I would have paid 10,000,000 also ;) Hopefully some more articles will follow!

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