Merlin footie stickers are back!

merlin football Rejoice, football sticker fans, for the Merlin brand is back!

The Premier League sticker album had been Merlin-branded from 1994 until 2009 when Topps changed it to, um, Topps.

However ahead of this year's 2015 album being released, the decision has been made to revert back to the Merlin brand. Got! Got! Need! Got! Need!

According to Topps marketing director Rod Pearson: “Over the last few seasons, we have had an increasing amount of feedback from older collectors reminiscing about the Merlin brand. Following further research with our collectors, we decided now was the time to reinstate the Merlin brand."

"We are also aware that a lot of our early collectors through the mid to late '90s are now parents themselves, and would enjoy the idea of collecting Merlin stickers with their children, as they enjoyed doing so 20 years ago.”

Brand awareness for football stickers! Whatever next.

Anyway, you can get your starter pack from December 18th, which includes the 88-page album and four packs of stickers will be available for £2, while packs of five stickers cost 50p. If the World Cup was anything to go by, it'll mostly be adults collecting these stickers, rather than children, who in a reversal of roles, will probably be spending their pocket money on cigs and contraceptives.


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