Men! Slip these macho pieces of cotton over your useless toes

9 January 2012

Attention fashionable men! Are you on the hunt for some new socks that are fashionable while at the same time demonstrating your sheer manliness? Can’t find anything to suit your needs? You probably need to head for Hong Kong.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Mike is currently wandering aimlessly around Hong Kong for reasons that he isn’t prepared to elaborate upon, and he came across these. We assume he’s now negotiating some kind of deal to import them to the UK, because they’re EXACTLY what we’re on the hunt for.

Screen Shot 2012-01-09 at 12.44.02


  • james D.
    ha, other countries translate things literally into english sometimes and its funny.
  • oliverreed
    They'd be a lot more exciting if they were foot shaped cigarettes
  • Mike H.
    Roughly translates too, "Really good fuckin' manly dick socks for your wife to place in fat cunt raaarrr"
  • Mike H.
    raaarrr, either of you fancy licking my balls for a pair of these socks?

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