Meet Defender: the anti-rape phone app

A new app could save your life. Quite literally. Defender is an integrated pepper spray which can communicate with your phone.

Should you ever need to deploy the spray, it connects with your smartphone via bluetooth, takes a photo and uploads that to your phone.

That is then sent to a 24 hour monitoring system, who then pass it on to the emergency services with your GPS coordinates. Defender then fires out oscillating light and an alarm to alert anyone nearby.

It can also be used in medical emergencies, especially handy if you find yourself trapped under a rock or something.

After some crowdfunding, it hit its target of $100,000 (£60,000) within 24 hours, and that since gone on to stand at $222,000 (£132,000) with 2000 units sold already.

Admittedly there are concerns, such as a year of monitoring setting you back £107, and that whole 'crime to carry something that could be classed as an offensive weapon' that we (thankfully) have in the boring old UK, but the creators reckon they'll get around that with an alternative self-defence spray.

Probably a blast of Lynx Africa or something similarly ghastly should suffice.

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  • Penelope S.
    I think it's a great idea & congratulations on all your hard work. Obviously it's going to be interesting to see how the law enforcement in the UK reacts to this & if it's positive then I would buy one. I need to get a smart phone first so then I can consider buying the 'defender'. In the mean time I'll continue to Like it on Facebook. Well done once again. xx

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