Meet Blendr - the straight Grindr for friendly folk

blendr_digits_DV_20110908102510 First there was Grindr, the smartphone app for gay folk to use to help them ‘hook up’ with each other. Now there’s a version for heterosexualists as well – Blendr. But its founder, Joel Simkhai says that it’s less focussed on sex and more geared towards finding friends with similar interests. Groovy.

Joel told The Guardian: “It's not the same as Grindr. It is similar to Grindr in that it's a community based on interests. But while that was based on one interest – being gay – this is based on lots of interests. It could end up in a date, but the main goal is meeting new people.”

And absolutely not about randy strangers getting together for casual sex in as private a place as they can possibly find during their lunch hour. Oh no. No way.

Simkhai adds: “This is about seeing who's about in the real world in real time. Whether you're on the bus, in the checkout line or having a lunch break on your own you can meet new people. If you're sitting in the park all on your own there's really nothing you can do about it – now you can do something about it with Blendr.”

Sounds awful. Why would you want to meet new people? All the ones you already know are probably arseholes. Anyway, Blendr can be had now as a Facebook app or for iOS devices. Be careful out there ladies and gentlemen…


  • Brad
    The gay one should have been called 'Bendr' lol.
  • Dick
    Grindr sounds like the sort of thing you put on your mate's phone if he leaves it on the table when he goes for a piss.
  • Mark C.
    @Dick ...whereupon you find out he has it already, and he hasn't gone in there for a piss.

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