Medical self-testing kits could be a huge waste of cash - might they even KILL you?


More and more of us are trying to find out whether or not we’re dying by using some of the increasingly common medical self-testing kits that can be bought over the counter. But if the findings of our friends at Which! are to be believed, you’d be better off diagnosing yourself by using some stolen dog urine and a child’s chemistry set.

Some of the faults found by the Which! guys and gals after doing some rigorous testing included:

TOO LITTLE INFORMATION: Some kits failed to explain circumstances that could lead to false results.

USERS TOOK TEST RESULTS AS GOSPEL: Even though they were suffering from symptoms, some test users were happy with a negative self-test result… and probably died later.

COMPLICATED INSTRUCTIONS: Boots’ blood glucose home test kit included ‘separation membranes’, ‘desiccant’ and ‘in-vitro diagnostic device’ among the instruction terminology. There’s really no need.

KITS AREN’T EASY TO USE: The dudes at Which! were confused about how to do a proper stool sample, and they couldn’t get enough blood, even when using the ‘deeply penetrating’ setting (we’ve never been this turned on by a Which!-related story before).

So think twice before spending your hard-earned on self-testing kit – unless you’re scared of the TRUTH. Go and see your GP instead. He/she’s nice and you might get a sticker.


  • Jo
    so what you're telling me is that I might actually have "the clap" even though my home testing kit told me that my doot was okie dokie. . . damn now I have to try to remember the names of all the people I slept with since then, not an easy task I assure you...
  • Dick
    Let's start the list for you: Your nan

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