Medal of Honor will kill your newborn children, says France

The French are a vicious lot, aren't they? Always up for a good riot, they're also prepared to assassinate babies in order to flog a few video games - as this screenshot from MSN France clearly demonstrates:

Bitterwallet - Medal of Honor on MSN France

[TwitPic] via @jonoble


  • Nobby
    I am really surprised. Given how much the French love their language, I'm surprised it is not called "Médaille d'Honneur".
  • Jonny S.
    Sacré Bleu!
  • PFC H.
    Mon Dieu! Eeez zis real?
  • Captain.
    I'm surprised at the French on this one. I mean, they're not normally up for a fight, they usually run away!
  • zax
    Oui oui oui
  • idiot
    Why are we wasting our time at war in Afganistan, when we all know the real enemy are those smelly child killing frogs accross the channel????
  • Morocco
    I bought the French edition of the game, loaded it up, and the only option was "Quit".
  • The B.
    Hold on now, the French did fight in WWII, the Vichy French fought on the side of the Germans pretty much the whole way through.

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