McAfee says HotUKDeals the UK's 6th most dangerous search term

You knew you were living life on the edge, chain-smoking Menthols and knocking back the Smirnoff Ice, but did you know you have been naively dabbling with the UK's sixth most dangerous search term?

McAfee have released a "study" of the most dangerous search terms in the world and even the Indian Times are aghast at the danger of "hot UK deals".

Yes, HotUKDeals (14.3% dangerous) is ranked as being slightly less nefarious than Alistair Darling (at 16.7% dangerous), equally as fiendish as youtube (14.3% dangerous) and evilly edging out dastardly Gordon Brown (12.5% dangerous).

What does dangerous mean to McAfee? Well to be honest we read the pdf and are not really any the wiser. However, go buy McAfee now if you want to live another day on HotUKDeals.


  • jim
  • Yer M.
    so's yer ma
  • Yer M.
    and yer da
  • G
  • Tom
    Yer ma's no longer a danger. I have her tied up xD
  • Yer D.
    So's yer uncle freddie starr
  • James
    HotUKDeals appears sixth on my list.
  • Paul
    "HotUKDeals appears sixth on my list." Mine too, and the screenshot... Tecnically 7th, as they tie with youtube (so it goes 1st, 2nd, joint 4th, 5th, joint 7th, joint 9th)
  • wombat
    I'd say it's ranked joint 6th - I think most people would count 1st, 2nd, Joint 3rd, 5th, Joint 6th. Fortunately HotUKDeals itself isn't as dangerous as some of the other websites that the search brings up - although a visit invariably results in me losing money and accuiring more junk ;-)
  • Paul N.
    Errr yes.. sixth is the new fifth. Edited thanks :)
  • acecatcher3
    im sure its become quieter since i was banned :)
  • thenewacecatcher3
    nah mate, not missed
  • Ben
    The `maximum risk' here refers to the maximum percentage of risky sites a user might encounter on a single page of search results.
  • MinstrelMan
    dangerous? like geting infracted upon or banned without reason dangerous...... oh I agree...... I darnt go on HUKD at night, alone.
  • acecatcher3
    i didnt say i was missed thenewacecatcher! lol mm bad times!
  • The E.
    bye everyone !

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