now slightly creepier! You know how it is. Love has departed. You're sniffing away into your pillow at night, about one day away from the neighbours having enough of you playing 'Someone Like You' 24 hours a day, and contacting the police.

But fear not, help is at hand with!

They've just announced a team-up with a company called Three Day Rule, who are a personalised matchmaking service that will find you a date that looks like your ex.

Not creepy. Not creepy AT ALL.

All you do is send them some photos of your ex - oh, and $5000 for a six month membership as it's an American thing at the moment - and they'll do the rest.

Hypothetically, you could also waltz into with a load of - I dunno - Angelina Jolie or Dermot O'Leary photos, and they can find people who look like them. Once you've bullshitted your way out of that "Oh yeah, I went out with her briefly before that Pitt character came along" any road.

So with facial recognition software, they can detect who best has a resemblance to your departed lover, and with a professional matchmaker on hand who will meet with you and help you source your ideal match, and even pre-screen any potentials, like some job agency or something equally joyless.

And then, hopefully, love will happen and you'll live happily ever after until one day when you bump into your ex and they spot that you're going out with a runner-up to them. Empowering and downright creepy all round.


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