Massive payout for 'toxic sofa' victims

sofa It’s a great day for those of you with chemical burns all over your poor bodies as a result of chemical burns from your innocent-looking sofas. There’s some compensation coming your way!

The Home Retail Group (parent of Argos) and Walmsleys are among companies who have been ordered by a stern-wigged judge to pay as much as £20 million to 2,000 people who were burned by anti-fungal agents in the Chinese-made sofas. Further compensation could be on its way as another 2,500 cases will be heard next month.

As many as 100,000 ‘toxic sofas’ had sachets of "highly sensitising" fungicidal chemical dimethyl fumarate (DMF) inside them, in an attempt to stop them from going mouldy while in storage. But the sachets turned into a gas that burned through clothes and on to skin. Horrific stuff when all you want to do is sit down, relax and watch Come Dine With Me.

DMF has now been banned in the EU, although the companies that have been fined are expected to appeal.

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  • wendy
    My husband was one of the people who suffered due to a linkwise sofa. Land of leather agreed that he had suffered but he will not get a penny. Zurich, who are responsible for the land of leather payouts, are claiming that the policy is not vaild due to a loophole. My husband was so ill with this he thought he was going to die. He had weeks off work and we spent a small fortune on prescriptions. He ruined our mattress with the blood that oozed from his skin and he had to get rid of a number of clothes as the grease from the creams he used would not come out of them. His face was so swollen that he looked like the elephant man. His skin fell off and left a trail around the house. His chest became infected and he could not get warm. Life was hell. We had no idea what was making him so ill We had a special holiday booked for our 25Th wedding and it was ruined as he was unwell. Well done to the people who will get paid but spare a thought to the 350 people who suffered hell and will not get a penny.

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