Mash-up forces MP's expenses go into the red

For many of us, a picture paints a thousand words, so it'll be far easier to get worked up about the MP expenses debacle after a quick nosey around this mashed-up heat map, which plots all expenses against constituency:

There's even a handy legend so you can determine exactly how full of hell you should feel about the matter. I've just learnt my local MP sucked an additional £164,000 out of the coffers last year, so I turned a menacing shade of red to display my outrage.



  • Jamei
    Why is it... if you or I spent expenses on the stuff they do it would be called FRAUD? they do it and its a mistake!!! and can pay it back! Lock them all up!! Maybe they'll come out and sort the prision system out!!
  • Song B.
    Funny thing is they all want the speaker of the house to fck off. Perhaps those claiming excessive expenses should fuck off with him instead of scapegoating.
  • Find W.
    [...] Via Bitterwallet. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Find Out How Much Your MP Claimed On Expenses", url: "" }); [...]
  • Kevin
    Depends on what the money is going on. Thigs like IT support, stationary and staff should all be paid for directly from the government, not via the MP's. That is vital stuff to do with the running of their offices. I can't think of much else that should be paid for in expenses that would be fair. Food, and everything else is something we all buy normally. Now a meal or train fare when doing business is another issue, we all do that when we go out for work, meetings etc. And if they live within 2 hours journey of London they have no reason for a second home allowance. My MP is one of the few that doesn't claim one as he goes backwards and forwards from Cambridge everyday. If you don't think it's fair then don't become an MP!

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