Marks & Spencer to revive grubby 'Bazaar' tat festival

26i Huzzah for the Penny Bazaar! Back in May, Marks & Spencer celebrated their 125th birthingday by going back to their Penny Bazaar roots and flogging off a load of old crap for the Victorian sum of just 1p apiece.

The event was a huge hit with the kind of customers who would normally be down the local dump, foraging through the skips and everyone partied like it was 1884 as they snapped up jewellery sets, beach balls (are you reading this Liverpool fans?), knickers, ties and socks for next to nought.

Twitter users from around the country offered up a running commentary of the event, with tweets such as…

Whatever u do don’t go to the M&S 125 yrs penny bazaar sale. There’s nothing worth having unless u want a frizzbe or a can of ginger beer. [@BlackSheepWales]

There’s a queue the length of Glassford St waiting for M&S to open for their penny bazaar promo, like a blue-rinsed dawn of the dead. [@weecuppatea]

It’s hardly an M&S penny bazaar when its starts outside New look and you have to sacrifice a days wage to queue. [@mowallywong]

But M&S must have been pleased with the outcome, because they’re happy to damage their brand by doing it all over again – and on Friday the 13th too! The Bazaar will make a comeback in all 300 main M&S shops, 40 Simply Food stores and eight outlet shops.

Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 14.38.43Retail Week have quoted M&S boss Sir Stuart Rose as saying: “Our first penny bazaars went down a storm with our customers. We received unprecedented demand for the products and so much positive feedback tat we’ve decided to do it again for Christmas.”

Tat? Freudian slip somewhere surely.


  • Nobby
    Drink and eat loads the night before, then leave a few puddles of piss and some pavement pizzas on the highstreet outside M&S.
  • Brian
    Brian here, don't waste your time on this crap.

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