Market Trader Of The Month: April

4 May 2012

Time again for our regular Market Trader Of The Month award – this month it goes to this ‘one pound fish’ man from East London. And to think that he hasn’t been snapped up by Simon Cowell and his talentnapping campaign…


  • Dick
    I wouldn't buy fish from him.
  • Mike H.
    "How much is ya fish mate?"
  • Mary H.
    What the 'ladies' don't know is, that he means he wants to finger your fishy twat for £1.
  • Sicknote
    Yes, it's OK having a chuckle at his song but has someone checked his immigration status?
  • Mr C.
    Nice jacket, did he get that at the next market store?
  • Mike H.
    It's OK Sicknote. He isn't on any lists anywhere and he has no passport so he's free to go.
  • Mary H.
    "Now, Mr. £1 fish cheap man, we believe you are in the UK illegally. Here is a summons, you will turn up for court won't you?"
  • Russ
    I bought some really cheap branded shampoo at a market in London the other day Pahn ten
  • LanceVance
    Slow news day then? He should start selling weed. Or speed. Or crack. Or PcP. You can get more than a pound for that. Lets be honest, his song writing skills are shite. Heres some seabass. This is crazy. Have this haddock. Its one pound lady. Hes no Charlie Ray Jipson.
  • Dick
    Buy our fish It's four days old It smells a bit It ain't been cold Buy our fish It ain't got no bones As a little sideline I unlock phones
  • samuri
    i haven't seen talent like this in a coons age
  • Boris
    Cheap fish? I'll have The Place.
  • Mark W.
    I hope this becomes an internet meme right away.
  • The P.
    I'm sorry Boris but you English types aren't welcome here, you just aren't cool or "sofisticated" enough.
  • Frank P.
    I need a motorbike charger for a Nokia 3210, I wonder if this man has contacts in the business and could get me one. I wonder if it would be one pound? So many unanswered questions, I will never sleep tonight, wondering what if.

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