Marijuana cook book published for appalling hippies

marijuana Weed smokers are, at the best of times, irritating ass-hats. They're either prostrate and gibbering or, worse, jumpy and wide-eyed, scouring the internet for detractors so they can spout off about how booze is worse and that they have a NORMAL LIFE THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND IT IS NATURAL AND... shut it hippie.

And now, there's a cookery book which has marijuana in all of its recipes, which is claiming to combine haute cuisine with the best 4:20 drugs.

Featuring chef Misha Sukyas, the book has been commissioned to help clothing retailer FreshCotton promote their dreary hipster spring/summer 2013 collection.

"This project represents what we like about Amsterdam – fashion, good food and having fun," said creative director Colin Lamberton. "The cookbook is very relevant for today's mash-up culture."

"Cooking shows are really popular, so we wanted to create an alternative take on cooking – one that feels more raw and experimental in premise, but looks and tastes beautiful and sophisticated."

Mash-up culture. Raw and experimental. Somebody invent an arse-kicking robot to follow this man around for the rest of his life.

If you're interested, the book includes recipes like 'marijuana chicken rolls with hashish quenelles and a marijuana coulis' and 'cappuccino of bali kratom, hashish and baby woodrose'. If someone offers you any of these dishes, be sure to punch them in the windpipe to purposefully harsh their 'vibe'.


  • shiftynifty
    Oh Mof....don`t give it the your holier than thou you`ve toked, eaten a few hash cakes....considering the articles pumped out
  • Daisy D.
    At least it's easy to spot the stoner at any party. He's the one boring everybody senseless about how stoned they are. Like anybody gives a shit.
  • greektony
    Daisy Duke - sounds like you've never met a stoner
  • jim
    who can be arsed to cook it?
  • Yog S.
    Daisy Duke being an 80s TV character (so 40ish in real life?), apparently going to parties with teenagers. Spot the paedo.
  • Dosser
    @ Yog S Daisy is probably pushing 60 but who mentioned teenagers? Marijuana was around long before you were born, sonny.
  • Yog S.
    @Dosser And for as long as it has been smoked no one over 15 has gone to a party and bragged about how stoned they are.
  • LancerVancer
    Anybody that has been to Amsterdam will know the score. I really think the Condems should make weed legal and tax it. This country would be out of the shit that its in within a few weeks. I know lots of people that have a smoke and all of them are productive members of the community with jobs. The fact that the police waste money and resources on a few plants or bags is total bollocks. They could be doing better things with their time, not for the fact that half the police smoke it anyway. I would like to be given the choice to buy and smoke weed in the same way I'm given the choice to buy and drink alcohol. Anyway I'm off for a pipe. Flex and chill with the Herb.

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