Maplins might want to have a rethink on the bag design...


[via Jon_Hopkins_]


  • bob
  • kjklj
    :| I don't get it...
  • pottsuk
    full of wankers so perfect bag
  • c o.
    How old are you -12?
  • JD
    kj.. I dont get it, unless someone may think the mouse looks like a mans bit with spunk shooting out. (i think it looks like a mouse.)
  • q-bert
    Don't get me wrong, I find a good dick joke as funny as the next guy, but really, folding the bag so it looks like that hardly constitutes as news . . . . what next? Bank notes can be folded to show the queens tits?!!
  • zeddy
    That's one long Jap's eye. Have they cut it?
  • SimbaK2K
    Grow up.
  • delrio
    i have a filthy mind... and it still took me a couple of mins of looking at the pic to realise wtf you'd seen definitely a stretch
  • FFS
    Bitterwallet are censoring/deleting comments now? Well that makes it about ten times less fun.
  • Reverend J.
    Its bitter wallet for fuck sakes, not bitter bastards with no sense of humour.. God how miserable are you lot? Dont complain if you dont like it, move on to the next article. I for sure found this amusing, who wouldnt? it hardly constitutes for grumpy arse wanky moanings.. "There's dick jokes on the way, please relax.', "this guy better have some good dick jokes, I'll tell you that honey. This guys better have a big long purple vain dick joke to pull himself out of this comedy hole." Throw down the big purple veined dick and I crawl out of it -- and that's gonna be the joke." - late bill hicks
  • klingelton
    heh - it looks like a cock!

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