Man Reinvents Train Set. Reality Gets Off At Next Station.

How often have you been playing with your train set and thought, “Damn, I’m loving playing with this train set, but there just isn’t enough space for it on the floor. If only it were upside down, so that I could stick it to the ceiling or wear it on my head or something. Yes, that would be much better. Playing with train sets would enter a completely new dimension. One where realism flies out of the window altogether.”

You as well eh? Thank chuff for inventor Keith Beadle then. He’s been thinking those exact same thoughts, except, instead of simply dreaming about a brighter future, he’s got off his arse and done something about it. See?

Not like you, sitting there with your massive, floor-consuming train set, playing away but wishing it could all be so much better. What did YOU do about it? Nothing. Because you’re weak. Weak we say. Go on, go to your room. NOW!


  • Liam
    Somehow I doubt Hornby will be buying the patents off him.... Or maybe they will if it improves keeping model trains on the track.
  • Mike H.
    The shit old folk come up with when thet're off there tits on crack.

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