Man misled by bread

ASDA-logo A man in Wolverhampton paid £450 for a loaf of bread. Before you go "this is artisan baking gone MAD", it was an error at his local Asda.

According to Metro, John Brown had popped in to buy a few bits, and went to the self-service checkout and expected to pay around a fiver for his goods, and just paid it on his debit card without any further concern.

Only a few days later, when he went to get some money out of the bank to buy a car, and the bank went all 'insufficient funds' on his ass, did he realise.

Fortunately, he's one of these people who keep receipts, and discovered that the reduced loaf that he had expected to pay 69p for, was in fact £450.

Perhaps a couple of lessons can be drawn from this experience, with the main one being "DUDE, focus and look at the total before paying".

Anyway, Asda have been lovely and refunded the money, saying it was a system glitch and apologised for any inconvenience etc etc.


  • terminator
    I always check the price before I pay. In fact I always work out the price of the goods in my basket so even if they try to overcharge at the till I query it, if they are as much as one penny over I complain of the price.
  • getfactswrong
    Yeah he bought it cos it had his name on it but when he looked later he realised it actually said THICK CUT

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