Man jailed after 'ambitious' gold-making plan turns to...

golden_poo_cropped In these trying times, we’re all looking for new and original ways to make some extra money – but trying to turn human faeces into GOLD? That’s a new one on us.

But that was the grand plan of Paul Moran of Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. Sadly, his big dream turned to, erm, shit, when his amateur alchemy led to a fire that caused over £3,000 worth of damage to the block of flats where he resided.

A court heard that Moran left his own poo, along with other waste products such as fertilizer on a heater as part of an attempt to turn them into gold. Let’s be honest – we’ve ALL wondered if it was possible, but not many of us have had the wherewithal to actually have a stab at it.

Moran has been jailed for three months after admitting charges of arson and endangering the lives of others. His barrister described him a man of ‘considerable intellectual ability’ but added that he had problems battling drug abuse. “Shit for brains” might have been more appropriate.


  • Phil
    "His barrister described him a man of ‘considerable intellectual ability’" Really.... I can think of far better ways of describing this guys intelligence!
  • Boris J.
    I am impressed that there is a stock photo of a lovely gold plated turd. Has Paul published his method or have the establishment covered up all of his good work? I am keen to put my wealth to work on another investment opportunity.
  • Dick
    Shit = humanure = crops = money = gold.
  • Andy
    Step 1: Shit Step 2: ?????? Step 3: PROFIT!
  • T
    Shocked there are golden turd photos? They sell them here in Japan. Not the photos but the actual thing (a turd made of gold)
  • Mr G.
    I thought it was the iPhone 5
  • Mr. I.
    I will tell you what you can make from faeces and manure that the Irish sometimes like to use in the past! Explosives!
  • william g.
    i was great and and he was intellent ......

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