Man finds rotten tooth in his Tesco yoghurt


Here at Bitterwallet, we’re always happy to have our stomachs turned by hearing about stuff that people have found in their shop-bought food. So we’re struggling to hold on to our lunch with this one – the tale of a man who found a rotten tooth in his yoghurt.

The man is David Casey, and to make matters worse, he is currently suffering from a stomach tumour and could probably do without ingesting someone else’s rotting mouth-peg. He’s due to have two thirds of his stomach removed in an op before Christmas, but that’s probably the least of his problems right now.

The yoghurt in question was a Tesco own-brand Devonshire-style fudge one and staff at the Arena Park store in Coventry were more than happy to give David the 68p that he’d paid for the thing as a refund.

He says that Tesco are investigating the incident and have sent him £15 vouchers by way of an apology on two occasions, but he has refused them both. He says: “They sent me a copy of the report in to it and it said there's a chance the tooth could have got in to the yoghurt. But then it goes on to basically say it must have been my tooth.”

A Tesco spokesman said: ‘We take matters of this kind very seriously and we are looking into it.”


  • The B.
    Who'd have thought that putting on loads of weight would make Shane MacGowan look more healthy?
  • Dick
    TESCO should stand by their ground. Go for a DNA test. The ones telling the truth should get £5K off the other.
  • The f.
    Surely it wouldn't be too difficult to rule out it being one of his teeth by way of a quick check to see if any were missing? Where's Columbo when you need him.
  • Tom
    But he is missing teeth just look at his picture.

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